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Right-wing opposition sweeps to power in Canada's oil region, setting up fight with Trudeau

By Nia Williams

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Right-wing and big oil. Same as US. Same as Russia. Plus Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, etc. etc.

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Canada will be a better place now.

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The US must block heavy sand oil at the border. Alberta will have to export its oil via Vancouver or refine it itself. Employment is understandable, but don't export toxicity.

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Do we ever describe people on the left as "left wing" or "far left"?

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@joeblow Do we ever describe people on the left as "left wing" or "far left"?

Google has 22,300,000 results for "left wing", 12,100,000 for "far left". You might want to check Yandex.

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The second Canadian Province to turf out an incompetent left wing Government, Trudeau is due to go to election later this year just on these two results alone will see his Government tossed out enmasse.

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@Laguna, what nonsense are you driveling with "heavy sand oil...don't export toxicity"...???

You obviously know a lot less about the global oil industry than this (non-oil-industry-employed) Canadian.

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@proxy, I don't know that, as you say, "Canada will be a better place now". As a Canadian, I can definitely say it will be a little more interesting, especially as we head into a federal election, come October. Our little boy-prince Trudeau is about to get a dose of realpolitik. I think he'll be what the music industry calls a 'one-hit wonder'.

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I think that Americans might find that "far right" in Canada, is more like centre, or slightly right of centre in the US. US far right are nutters. Canadians tend to take a more nuanced tact, even those of the "far right".

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