National Enquirer says it worked with Trump campaign to pay 2016 hush money to former Playboy model

By Brendan Pierson

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The publisher of the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper

Trump's known by the company he keeps: convicted criminals and the tabloid 'media'.

Has anyone seen Trump's latest tax info to see if his family own shares in AMI?

Or now that he wants Fox'news' to serve as state media (perhaps quasi-public at this point) if Trump's family own shares in it or any other Rupert Murdoch outlets.

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Nothing new here. Just another crime implicating Trump.

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Trump’s got a serious Pec*** problem.

He's so completely repulsive that he has to pay women to sleep with him.

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The publisher of the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper has admitted it paid hush money to a former Playboy magazine model to prevent her from going public ahead of the 2016 election with claims that she had an affair with President Donald Trump.

Federal prosecutors in New York said on Wednesday that American Media Inc (AMI), as part of a deal to cooperate with prosecutors and avoid charges, admitted it made a$150,000 payment to Karen McDougal "in concert" with Trump's presidential campaign.

David Pecker - with a name like that he has to be a Trump associate. 

"In concert with the Trump campaign"... It's all becoming clear - with facts, evidence and testimony - there was a concerted effort, directed by Trump, to conspire to influence the election. 

This is the cesspool that Trump and his associates swim in - porn stars, playboy bunnies, and payoffs. All Americans, except those 25% that swear fealty to their Dear Leader, see this for what it is - a subversion of our democracy. And that doesn't include collusion with the Russians...

Cleanse the nation - impeach this Impostor...

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Wasn't that guy advocating for families values ? I am so confused.

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Just mite evidence that Cohen can't be trusted. Add that to the lies he obviously didn't tell Mueller!

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The parent company of the National Enquirer has admitted to federal prosecutors that “its principal purpose” in paying former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal $150,000 ahead of the 2016 election was to “suppress” her story about an alleged affair with Donald Trump for the explicit purpose of improving the then-candidate’s chances of victory.

The decision, the company also said, was made in direct “cooperation, consultation and concert with one or more” members of the Trump campaign. 

At the bottom of a Wednesday press release touting the sentencing of former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York revealed that it had recently reached a “non-prosecution agreement” with American Media Inc., which owns tabloids including the National Enquirer. direct “cooperation, consultation and concert with one or more” members of the Trump campaign - the smoking gun... 

Now they're going to share all the other "capture and kill" dirt they have in their files on Donnie - I hope Melania is prepared....

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 I hope Melania is prepared....

I expect (and hope) that Melania went into that marriage with her eyes wide open. Would any third wife of a serial philanderer expect anything less than further philandering? Hopefully she just saw it all as a relief. Every night he spent with another woman was a night she didn't have to spend with him. Her son gets the family money. She gets the lifestyle and expedited citizenship (and her parents gets the chain visas). So win-win.

I really hope that's how it is.

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It's the practice known as "catch and kill" - get an exclusive story from a victim, then offer to bury the story to the perp in exchange for a huge sum of money

Since it wasn't disclosed during the campaign, that makes it a crime. The National Enquirer pleaded guilty to the crime under the Campaign Finance law

National Enquirer owner admits to 'catch and kill' payment to ex-Playmate - AMI told prosecutors it worked with Trump’s campaign to pay for and suppress story of a sexual affair to ‘prevent it from influencing’ US election

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McDougal was definitely beautiful on the outside. Everyone makes a few poor choices.

Sounds like the affair was consensual even if it was immoral according to some people. It isn't against any state or federal law to have consensual sex between two adults provided money isn't exchanged just for that purpose.

Funny how another article on JT today was saying that a 30-something yr old Japanese man had sex with 30 minors, but he was being arrested on prostitution charges, not sex with a minor charges.

Trump is running out of "fixers."

We knew he was slime. Sadly, this is the least slimy thing he's know to have been tied to. The Putin connections are much worse and the total lack of understanding that a US President isn't a dictatorship is the other. Anyone notice how Trump likes dictators more than honestly elected leaders? He likes Putin, Xi, Mohammad bin Salman and Great Leader.

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It's shocking to me that other conservatibes aren't here defending the president against this nonsense.

This information doesn't corroborate what Cohen testified at all. Smh.

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