Trump pledges COVID outbreak coming under control as Florida cases surge for fifth day

By Doina Chiacu and Lisa Shumaker

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Trump will continue to say that Covid-19 will disappear, and if it finally disappears 20 years later, he will say "I told you so".

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The country is averaging 60,000 new cases a day and reported a record one-day increase of 77,299 on Thursday.

Those embers sure are resilient.

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Let's not forget that Trump keeps listening to his own personal advisors, called voices in his head, saying "the U.S. has the lowest mortality rates from this virus, in the world" and "this virus will disappear" and "I'm doing a great job", "some people have never cried as babies", "coal and the incandescent light bulb are good", "the corona virus is a hoax", and on and on ...

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Who still listens to the "Bunker Boy who didn't cry Corona"? A hard rain's gonna fall in Florida in spite of all Trump's sweet-talking and gaslighting.

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Who still listens to the "Bunker Boy who didn't cry Corona"?

Come back to this thread later today. The Republican Rapid Response Team members and others in the global far right will be here to talk about their latest metric, 'not as many people are dying'.

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"I'll be right eventually," he said. "It's going to disappear and I'll be right."

And that is all that matters to him. Interesting how Trump supporters actually reproduce the same behavior.

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The longer he stays the more idiotic he becomes there seems to be no limit.

He has no idea how to do his job. He never even bothered to try to learn how to do his job.

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Again, Trump just says what he wants to happen, without any evidence or basis in reality, and just waits for the marks to believe him.

"It's going to disappear- one day it's like a miracle- it will disappear"

This quote was made in February of this year.

This tactic might work when you're slinging real estate or TV shows, but the virus doesn't respond to bluffing or threats. We'll never have any kind of coherent response while this guy is in the White House.

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The longer he stays the more idiotic he becomes there seems to be no limit.

And that's why Trump is so dangerous. With the handling of the coronavirus, we're watching ineptitude of unimaginable levels. Trump isn't the true problem, tho', he's just a symptom of what's wrong with America. His supporters are dumber than he is.

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The numbers will show when its under control. Trump could be gone before the pandemic.

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Florida and the southern states have 25% of the global cases. Major health crisis.

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"Trumptruth" is all that counts for him.

He doesn't listen to the experts, he fires them.

And everything else is just numbers ..... nothing he worries about as long as it is not his $$$!

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The pathetic con man in the WH and his con artist family has been allowed to destroy a stable economy and a response team that was designed to combat this very situation.

In less than a year, the fool has brought back:

Pandemic of 1918-19s

The Great Depression

The Race Riots of the 60s

The conservatives have been spouting for years about the "End of Days", and they voted for the very person to bring it. And what do they call that person destined to bring it?

Self-fulfilling prophecy coming to a state near you!

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Trump claimed America has the lowest morality rate for COVID-19 which is not correct.

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The very last sentence finally gets to the point. of course right before this, the "experts" still say its not enough.

"The United States set a record on Friday with over 850,000 tests performed, according to data from the COVID-Tracking Project."

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Trump needs to learn and use the word conflagration (and try to pronounce it correctly).

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Even as U.S. President Donald Trump pledged that the coronavirus was coming under control on Sunday, Florida reported over 12,000 new cases of COVID-19, the fifth day in a row the state has announced over 10,000 new infections. The virus has claimed over 140,000 U.S. lives total since the pandemic started, and Florida, California, Texas and other southern and western states shatter records every day. Despite record levels of new cases nationwide, the Trump administration is pushing for school to reopen in a few weeks and resisting a federal mandate to wear masks in public.

And our President is either playing golf, hawking beans, or hiding in the bunker...

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America's great national shame just grows and grows. I recall a few days ago reading an interview with a medical doctor where the journalist asked when Americans will start wearing masks. The doctors reply was something close to "oh, they'll all wear masks when things get bad enough". Scary thought but I think that is the case. It seems like it has to affect some Americans personally to get them to take the pandemic seriously.

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Surely Americans are tired of winning so much?

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Trump brazenly lies COVID outbreak coming under control as Florida cases surge for fifth day...

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The war against COVID is being lost - we're clearly losing...

In the past when this has happened, the Commander has been fired and a new one brought in...

That will occur on Nov 3rd, but unfortunately, that means another 60K Americans will needlessly lose their lives from now until then...

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I feel somewhat relieved, my parents who lived in Florida for 40 years, have already gone back in 2017. Terrible strain having to worry about parents in Florida and so many from outer state with distant families.

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No worries America, because you have Donald "The Lone Ranger" Trump on the job....

Walks down ramps with only one hand on the rail...

Eats 3 Big Macs in in one setting...

Able to play 36 holes of golf in one afternoon...

And with his loyal sidekick Mike "Tonto" Pence, showing the world how to lead in deaths and infections...

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