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U.S. ambassador to Russia to fly home for consultations


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Moscow retaliated with sanctions against the United States

They expelled 10 US diplomats and suggested the US Ambassador return to Washington as the "new sanctions". There have been a number of sanctions by Russia against the US for years. Those remain.

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I suggest we make a compromise with the Russians - something in both our interests...

We'll keep our current Ambassador home and instead send Trump to Moscow....

Putin gets his BFF and we get rid of an insurrectionist...

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Instead of being scaredy babies about China, you posters should be real scared of Russia.

Apart from Xi, Putin is the most powerful smartest leader in the world, with 3600 nukes, the best weapon systems including, biological, supersonic, cyber hacking and advanced missile defense systems.

it also has massive oil and gas reserves, rare earth metals, technology and pride.

unlike China, which just keeps its own land, Russia is a country that likes to expand.

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unlike China, which just keeps its own land

Nine-Dash line

That's not China's

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Nine-Dash line That's not China's

Not as concrete as: Crimea. That's not Russia's.

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Instead of being scaredy babies about China, you posters should be real scared of Russia.

The modern Russian military is not anywhere close to the level of equipment and training of the modern Chinese military. Modern Chinese military hardware is almost universally better than Russian equipment. There are very few technologies where China is behind Russia. Space might be one such area where the Russians maintain a bit of a lead but not by much. Russia is not bringing in new engineering talent into its military industries. Engineering wages in Russia are very low and their engineering and scientific talent goes to the west where the pay is much better and there are fewer restrictions on them. Russian aerospace in particular is two decades behind the west and the gap grows wider every year. For all of their supposed talent the Russians still cannot build a competitive high bypass turbofan engine. Their tactical jet engines require overhauls every few hundred hours where western tactical jet engines go 1500-3000 hours between overhaul depending on the engine and seldom fail between overhauls. None of the Russian equipment can match the durability of their US and other western counterparts and that means the Russians have to have a lot more hardware on hand because so much of it will be in the shop for repair / overhaul while western equipment will be in the field doing its job. Chinese equipment has in many ways a greater technological sophistication than the Russian equivalents, but might be even more lacking in durability under hard field use.

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