U.S. state capitals on edge for armed protests as Trump presidency nears end

By Nathan Layne and Patricia Zengerle

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And if Trump supporters really cared like BB above appears to, they’d stop making their threats against these events.

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The Joint Intelligence Bulletin, produced by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center, further warned that "false narratives" about electoral fraud would serve as an ongoing catalyst for extremist groups.

But Trump's followers won't trust what 'western' intelligence sources publish. Instead they'll believe something published by an anonymous internet poster on 8chan, something from Qanon, or something from one of the Kremlin's, perhaps Beijing's or Ankara's troll armies.

on edge for armed protests as Trump presidency nears end

Trump and his Republicans are leaving behind gigantic messes for Biden to clean up. Trump is leaving problems the country might never be able to correct. And Trump supporters LOL and har har.

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further warned that "false narratives" about electoral fraud would serve as an ongoing catalyst for extremist groups.

Thanks, GOP and right-wing media.

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 a Virginia man who tried to pass through a Capitol Police checkpoint on Friday carrying fake inaugural credentials, a loaded handgun and more than 500 rounds of ammunition,

Another example of a far right 'peaceful protestor'. NOT

Will the NRA or one of the other extremist guns and ammo groups try to defend him, say his 2nd Amendment rights were violated because government took away (at least at that particular time) his ability to slaughter people he didn't agree with.

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The Enemy From Within. China and Russia are laughing.

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Ignore the idiots. They have nothing else.

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Ignore the idiots. They have nothing else.

That there are still those who believe the 2020 presidential election was rigged and probably will continue to believe any election where their candidate does NOT win is rigged says they cannot be ignored.

That among them are some US citizens shouldn't surprise. Look for the far right's global media to continue to spread more lies and for those 'Americans' to believe them, even when the lies come from Russia, China, Turkey and elsewhere. Remember, among those 'Americans' are those saying they'd rather be Russian than Democrat.

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We need a 9/11 style commission to investigate the conspiracy to overthrow democracy, Guantanamo style prisons for the extremist who participated in the conspiracy and strict laws to ensure none of the bigots who encouraged the fascist thugs should never hold power again.

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"One of the ways you can potentially de-escalate a problem is with a strong security posture," said Spaulding, now a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies."You try to deter people from trying anything."

This is a simple, but sinister solution that employed without economic and social reform could endanger the fragile state of democracy in America for Covid isn't the only virus rampaging around the world: fascism in its myriad of incarnations, all subsumed under the umbrella of right-wing ideology has been infecting the body politic of many countries. America has been particularly affected by this twin plague, but militarized police and full-spectrum government surveillance will only breed cynicism and lead to despotism. Instead, the political health of the whole world will benefit if Biden can stop covid in its tracks, emulate FDR's vision by helping to restore prosperity and trust in government, this time for ALL Americans, thus providing a model of freedom and tolerance for all the world.

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Trump promised a peaceful handover of power.

No inauguration in history has required this level of security. Biden's inauguration rehearsal has been postponed because of security threats.

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Welcome to MAGA 2021....where we need more military troops in our nation's and state's capitals for security than in Baghdad or Kabul...

The Blue Lives Matter folks showing us how they support the Police - by pointing assault rifles at them...

Utter craziness...

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Hope no deplorables decide to kick off here in Japan. Luckily, the insurgency is only a lamentable online presence in this neck of the woods.

But you can, sadly, bet that if anything does happen in the US, the enablers will blame everyone else but themselves.

There is no doubt that these insurgents hate the US and everything she stands for.

Those that feed them lies and conspiracy theories need to stop and think. Or are they too deep down the rabbit hole for some introspection and common sense? Can't back out now, they've invested too much time and energy (and in some cases, money). Can't lose face. Trump will reign. If not now, 2024. If not then, one of his children will... and so on.

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There is no doubt that these insurgents hate the US and everything she stands for.

I don't think that is true for many of them, it's just that they have been fed so many lies and conspiracy theories that their viewpoint and emotions have become so twisted and corrupted that they honestly believe they are doing something good.

Back after 9/11 the right would accuse anyone who was against the invasion of Iraq of hating the US and everything she stands for, but it was an bad argument then and it's a bad argument now imho.

Of course, there are a bunch of just basic racist and nazi groups in there as well, who probably just can't believe their luck to be joined by the President and by all these deluded 'patriots'.

That said, it seems kinda ironic that the very people who were bashing anyone who opposed the war in iraq seem to now be the people who are supporting Trump's pull out from such trouble spots and bashing the democrats for the exact opposite.

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Thanks to Trump, Americans have to be more afraid from their own fellow Americans, than from foreign terrorists. It's not to crazy to think that we will now need walls surrounding all federal buildings, monuments, etc. as well as heightened security at all times.

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