U.S. coronavirus deaths top 150,000

By Lisa Shumaker and Rich McKay

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The US has taken the gold medal for their inept handling of this crisis. Well, one person in particular...

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Deaths from COVID-19 surpassed 150,000 in the United States on Wednesday, more than any other country and nearly a quarter of the world's total,

The deaths are on Trump's watch. How soon until Trump and his media start once again saying how successful he's been because 2 million haven't died. How soon until they start skewing data to show the problems are not that bad.

Of course they're not too bad for them because they're protected and it's those at the margins of society getting smacked, those people Republicans and the 'elite' have never cared the slightest about. Trump's class wars continue apace along with his other tactics to further divide the country.

"We have seen some signs in recent weeks that the increase in virus cases and the renewed measures to control it are starting to weigh on economic activity,"

It's the Trump economy. The likelihood of the US economy ever regaining the stability it had during President Obama's terms lessen each day Trump and his Trump Republicans are running the things. Into the ground. And lower.

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He's visibly "tired of winning", bored by the irksome presidential press briefings where he enters unprepared and peering over the lectern struggles to read from a sight unseen text written by someone else. As he drones on and on like an automaton his lackluster body language betrays his complete detachment from the pandemic and exposes his inability to share the sorrow and grief of the bereaved families of 150,000 and climbing. What a sad and sorry spectacle his presidency has become!

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Per capita Belgium still had it worse. 150.000 is a huge number and a stark reminder for those who brush off corona issues so lightly. Those of us who are healthy and have a good BMI have less to worry about that junk food lovers, check you belts folks!”.

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It is infantile to blame one person for a pandemic!

It is up to all of us to stop infections by modifying our behavior.

There are many Americans not paying attention to their surroundings and flagrantly ignoring attempts at social distancing, and the result is, combined with obesity and lack of exercise a weakened immune system

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Bad news for Trump.

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If the govt is worried about economic damage, the most intelligent thing to do is to put cash in the hands of those who will spend it. Failing that, there is going to be a depression, not simply a recession. Lack of economic activity leads to lack of jobs leads to homelessness leads to direct action by the citizens. Maybe all is going according to plan, come to think of it...

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The US has taken the gold medal for their inept handling of this crisis. Well, one person in particular...

Yeah, Andrew "Let's put COVID patients in nursing homes" Cuomo gets the gold medal.

Bad news for Trump.*

Good news for the Democrats. The worse the economy is the better for them.

You guys really going all out on the attacks on the strong Black female doctor, an immigrant from Nigeria.

Yeah, Big Tech is going all out on her, deleting that video as soon as it pops up.

"Nothing to see here folks, just an inexpensive and readily available drug used safely for decades in treating malaria and when used in tandem with zinc compounds is effective in COVID patients."

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It's the Trump economy.

Amazing how it was still the Obama economy all the way up until the plague from China hit the world.

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To be fair there were a few other times it became the Trump economy. Usually after a 1000 point drop that lberals thought was the beginning of a crash. Once it (unexpectedly to liberals) went back up soon after, it was the Obama economy again.

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Wasn't this supposed to magically disappear in April?

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The US Environmental Protection Agency reported the following products effective against the coronavirus, COVID-19,

It is interesting to note that Lysol, was also used during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. At that time, people could buy a small bottle of concentrate, with which could be added water, to create the disinfectant. See,

Perhaps, allowing communities to produce their own using concentrate, water, and spray containers with hand pumps, can help cleaning staff deal with virus prevention.

Also, status of Japanese drug Avigan,

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why is every single thing only what "Dr Fauci" says.

what if Dr Fauci is wrong, as he has already been numerous times?

No concerns that he insists the nearly free solution doesnt work at all, while pushing the expensive one that he is associated with financially?

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It's as if Trump has dropped two Little Boys on America, and soon it'll be like three, then four, then . .. .

Wear a mask, Mr. President! And don't replace the real doctors with these goofball doctors who you so excitedly agree with.

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The supposed racist in all of this, Trump, is actually the least racist of any of you.

No, Trump's just bringing his limited intellectual capacities to bear on what this woman is saying, and he likes it, so he doesn't see race. The rest of us bring our intellectual capacities to bear on what this woman is saying, we look at everything else she says and we put it into context, and we don't like it.

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Black:. what if Dr Fauci is wrong, as he has already been numerous times?

I believe your position is a full reopening of the economy without facemasks or social distancing.

Which experts are you following?

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Good job, Trump. /s

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I dont follow people for this. I follow data and look at medical study results.

The CDC says kids can go back to school based on data and have a plan to do so safely.

Why would we have to get Dr Fauci permission to do so? You know, the guy who went to a ball game that no one else is allowed to go to, then didnt wear a mask or social distance? thats why I dont follow people. People are often hypocrites and/or have agendas.

Which experts are you following?

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The CDC says kids can go back to school based on data and have a plan to do so safely.

So the CDC never got it wrong so you trust them.

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Many (most?) of the US infection and death numbers are fake.

what if Dr Fauci is wrong, as he has already been numerous times?

Yeah, we know that Fauci doesn't even believe the things he is telling us; he goes to a ball game and ignores his own social distancing and mask wearing guidelines.

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Are we getting sick of winning, or are we just getting sick?

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No, I evaluate their data and look at their plans.

You of course, love them when they contradict Trump or anytime they agree with Fauci, otherwise they are part of the "Trump administration" and cant be trusted.

So the CDC never got it wrong so you trust them.

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Killing over 150K Americans....

The only campaign promise Donald ever kept....

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thats total nonsense, for obvious reasons.

The only campaign promise Donald ever kept....

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I think I've finally figured out what Trump thinks he's been doing for the last three and a half years - in his deeply demented mind, he thinks he's playing Dungeons and Dragons...

I mean, why else would he compliment a doctor that thinks gynecological problems are caused by dreaming of sex with demons and witches...

And those COVID 150K deaths? They're not real in his mind - it's just a game...

Time to transfer Donald from the White House to the Nut House...

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"I'm a pilot and hit so many cities, so many people on board, I have to be aware," said Koreman.

Maybe if you and your aeroplane and its passengers stayed on the ground instead of hitting so many cities the virus might not be spreading so rapidly.

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Black:. No, I evaluate their data and look at their plans

Fabulous. And after studying these people you've decided the masks and social distancing are not required while we fully open up the economy?

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Cause you found a "crazy" lady who is an "absolute disgrace" to deflect to.

Sorry, but she is "crazy", and not with the "--", either. Among her many other outrageous and unscientific claims, she's also said that unless Facebook restores America's Frontline Doctors group's videos, Jesus Christ is personally going to destroy its servers. Is that rational?

Now you may still trust a person who says those kinds of things, but most of us wouldn't. And trying to drag other factors into this to try and discredit Dr Immanuel's critics is just not gonna work.

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It is infantile to blame one person for a pandemic!

No one is blaming one person for the pandemic, they’re blaming one person, the person with ultimate responsibility, for the inept handling of the crisis the the US!

Sounds right to me!

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Louie Gohmert, a Republican lawmaker from Texas who has at times refused to wear a mask, tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, raising concerns that other members of Congress may also have been exposed.

This genius was speculating that he got the virus because he wore a mask.

The GOP, never known for its intellectual abilities, seems to have lost it totally!!!

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