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U.S. pulls out of Open Skies treaty

By Steve Holland

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It's like he wants to blow up the planet (or destroy the USA) before the election so he doesn't have to lose face if he loses.

The amount of damage this administration can do between now and 1-20-2021 is staggering.

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A treaty that Russia breaks is hardly worthwhile.

How many things that Trump ended will be put back in place on January 21st?

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And one more on Putin's punch list he gave to Trump for his help in the 2016 election is complete...

Pulling out of the IRBM Treaty, cutting and running out of Syria, giving Cuba back to Russia, trying to get Russia back into the G7, now quitting the Open Skies Treaty...

It's giving Putin a free hand to Make Russia Great Again - MRGA - which is really the logo the needs to be on all those red hats...

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OK, one of the things that the open-skies treaty gave was the right's of members civilian aircraft (read Airlines) to fly across aothers airspace without having to get permission and crew documentation (like a passport) approved beforehand. Cancelling their membership is going to cost a lot of time and money for the Airlines, both USA Airlines, and those that fly into the USA, and who do you think will have to pay for that. Flights are going to cost enough as it is when properly allowed! I also wonder how many will be refused.

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The Treaty on Open Skies went into effect in 2002, after decades of negotiations initiated by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1955.

President Trump's announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from it to force Russia to come back to the table sounds as if Russia had not ratified it as yet. The purpose of the treaty is to enhance mutual understanding and confidence among ratifying nations. 

Apparently, Trump doesn't like such effeminacy as peace, tranquility and harmony.  He thinks he’s a macho man. But is he really?

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Well , the world should close the skies too. It is only fair.

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