British PM Johnson announces COVID-19 public inquiry

By William James and Alistair Smout

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Borris's initial actions were too slow, like closing the borders.

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Hopefully his pathological dishonesty will have caught up with and removed him by the time this inquiry takes place.

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I'm looking at this positively. There'll be lessons to be learned from it

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in fact announcing his government intention to stall any public inquiry into his government’s handling of the pandemic until a time an inquiry is politically advantageous, when Johnson will call a general election.  

It is so cynical. Johnson is in the process of enacting statutes repealing the fixed term parliament act.

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Many countries, including UK and Japan, need such inquiries. I'll add India, Brazil, US, much of Europe. I'm not going to hold my breath for one in Japan. The gods won't allow one that will humiliate themselves.

As for UK, I hope the inquiry includes waffling and hand-waving from BoJo and how he went gung-ho, shaking hands with every Tom, Dick and Harry, while pretending everything was going to be fine, until he himself was at death's door.

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As usual, Cold War Steve gets Johnson right:

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Good, though one suspects a whitewash will unfold. Never-the-less, fodder for the press.

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