UN says Libyan guards reportedly shot at migrants fleeing air strikes

By Tom Miles and Ahmed Elumami

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Libya is entirely Obama's doing .

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All excuses for the human trafficking towards Italy. And they don't say that despite the so called "closed ports", Italy and ONLY Italy is forced to accept migrants from Lybia anyway, that arrive thanks to foreign NGOs and "ghost ships". Only in latest days Italy got at least 200 "refugees".

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This quickly becomes the mindset of most soldiers...if it moves...kill it. And since modern weapons are all ranged weapons, some ridiculously so, they barely even register the women and children they murder. Honor pretty much died in WWI, where you had men like von Richtofen who refused, along with his squadron, orders to strafe ground troops deeming that cowardly aside from the simple fact they could not be sure who they were shooting. We won't see their like again. But WWI was also the beginning of mass use of things like poison gas and aerial bombing of civilian and military infrastructure alike.

And note to self...never take refuge in a hangar. If they were in a military hangar its even worse. May as well put a paper target on your own back.

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Surprise?  Not really.  NATO wrecked Libya in the name of "freedom" and now it is run by criminal cartels.  Do we really expect them to be humane and not to try and keep the assets that they make money out of (i.e. the poor "refugees").

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@ Kestrel

That is not entirely true, Sarkozy and Cameron must also share the blame

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Gaddafi was bad, but not this bad.

I've been out of the loop when it comes to Libya, and hadn't even noticed that there is another civil war there that had started since 2014.

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Thanks Obama and Hillary. Your freedom bombs really did the trick in Libya. Much different than the terror bombs Bush dropped all over Afghanistan and Iraq. No, on second thought the American Global Empire's bombs just keep doing the same thing over and over.

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Libya is suffering from the mess that France and some of it's NATO allies created when they decided to remove the previous regime.

I hope that the Libyan people will find someday peace and prosperity,western countries did a big mess there.

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These last attacks against "detention centers" of migrants in Lybia are happened "casually" immediately after the last clash between Sea Watch NGO and Italy, that has basically the only government against this human trafficking, despite Italy is also the only Country forced to accept the migrants from NGOs of any European Country. The ones that are supporting the human trafficking had to show that Lybia isn't absolutely "safe" for the refugees. The timing of the attacks isn't random.

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The "refugees" in any NGO ship from Libya, are always the same target of people: healthy, young and strong men with no actual sign of starvation or pain, whose age is more or less between 18 and 25 years. Usually, with them there's always one or two women with a kid, necessary for the public image. Most of these women are obese, so I don't know how they can travel through the desert. You never see any family or any old person, unlike in the case of refugees from Syria. Only strong young men.

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Might I remind everybody that Libya was the highest ranked country on the UN Human Development Index in Africa prior to Obama ordering the country bombed.

Now that all the infrastructure and government institutions have been destroyed by NATO, it's no wonder that the country descended into a total Mad Max chaos zone.

I think that was the plan from the beginning.

At least the oil facilities are secure (in NATO's hands that is)

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Quick clarification before going back on topic. The US did not actually drop any bombs on Libya. They were still smarting from their Iraq venture.

As to these troops shooting refugees, I read several news sources, but it seems hard to find anyone who actually witnessed such. "Perhaps some troops fired in the air," was the most concrete statement that I could find.

I am sure the Libyan government would be happy for refugees to be afraid and go somewhere else for once, so even unverified rumors such as these would still serve their purpose well.

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Edit, well, that was the stated US position, (i.e. leave it to NATO) but I found out later that there was some US intervention from the air.

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Might I remind everybody that Libya was the highest ranked country on the UN Human Development Index in Africa prior to Obama ordering the country bombed.

Libya is still 6th

"List of African countries by Human Development Index"

High human development

1) Seychelles 0.797

2) Mauritius 0.790

3) Algeria 0.754

4) Tunisia 0.735

5) Botswana 0.717

6) Libya 0.706

7) Gabon 0.702

Medium human development

8) South Africa 0.699

9) Egypt 0.696

10) Morocco 0.667

11) Cape Verde 0.654

12) Namibia 0.647

13) Republic of the Congo 0.606

14) Ghana 0.592

15) Equatorial Guinea 0.591

If we're gonna use that standard of measurement, then they're not doing too bad at all - they're in the "high human development" level

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I don't know it, but I don't think they look like they were starving, how you always hear in the press and news programs. Probably I am wrong, though.

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Sarkozy and Cameron must also share the blame

More than share, I think. From what I recall, the US was reluctant to get involved.

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Apparently some people still deny "immigration" is only a human trafficking, but okay.

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