WikiLeaks' Assange says Ecuador seeking to end his asylum

By Alexandra Valencia

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They should ask him to leave.

If he doesn't go voluntarily, help him find the door.

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Agreed. Kick his attention seeking butt into the street and let the British police nab him for skipping bail.

His sad little Kremlin-sponsored reality show is at the end.

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Looking at the street view of the Ecuador embassy, there are no police there at all. Assange could sneak out at any time and try to flee the country.

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The facts are that if the U.S. wanted him, they would have gone for him while he was out on bail in the U.K., a country far closer to the U.S. than Sweden (not to mention that Trump probably has him to partially thank for his election) and the most he faces are a few months to a year in jail for violating his bail, since Sweden can no longer prosecute him.

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"clean up after his pet cat."

What! All you have to do is change their litter box every few days.

"Embassy staff had complained of Assange riding a skateboard in the halls"

What! He needs to be fined for that!

"Assange's stay had cost the country $6 million."

They should ask George Soros to pay that.

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