England reopens pubs after lockdown

By Natalie Thomas and Will Russell

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It is nice to see people going back to their lifes.

Of course it will not take a long time and the Virus will spread again.

But that is normal.

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"To your health, old boy!"

Masks? Who needs masks.

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All that good work undone in the rush to open. And on a Saturday?

Once there's a few jars in, social distancing goes out the window.

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@Monty you know, that’s a very good attitude to have. I mean yes, we want to stop the spread of the coronavirus whenever possible, but you can only have any kind of lockdown for so long. I mean I live in the US, and even though cases are really spiking, people are getting out, and also back to work because of it. And since there’s a lot more awareness now obviously, then when people do get the coronavirus, they’ll know what to do, whereas before they wouldn’t know.

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Jeez, couldn't they get any bigger tables? They're practically rubbing noses.

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Well, this is only going to end one way.


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Finally people can get back to drinking sensible measures

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About time. It's been one massive overreaction.

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Choices will mean dilemmas. predicaments to UK Pub and hospitality industry. This pandemic lock-down is a existential threat to an industry essential to UK national social psyche.

August September will present more economic impact assessments for a UK Government to contemplate, monetary/fiscal.

It would be premature, speculative even scaremongering to run through the numbers. essentially the consequences to/for UK economy and future employment market.

The UK furlough scheme will have to cease/end. At this point the pandemic ramifications will be fully realized.

Go out enjoy a drink or ten, you all are going to need it.

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Great to get out and enjoy the sun- good luck to


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Well done to them and it’s about time! It’s going to spread either way, like the flu. Just go about like normal instead of cowering in fear like the media would have you do.

@monty, yep. Speaks volumes doesn’t it

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Well done!

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Read this on Twitter from someone calling themselves ‘Mrs Nigel Farage’:

“My morning:

6.00 Nigel goes to the Goat and Battleaxe

6.08 Nigel on third pint of Olde Sphincter 

6.15 Nigel loses £25 on the frutie

6.23 Nigel borrows £25 from Ann

6.26 Nigel eats cheese bap, wrapped in clingfilm. Fails to recognise (or remove) clingfilm

6.31 Ambulance called.”

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Looks like another beautiful summer’s day in England

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Daily Mails headline was celebrating the fact that 15 million pints will be drunk.

Priorities eh.

Of course people are delighted to get some freedom.

Enjoy it responsibly

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They're drinking wine out of pint glasses... definitely going to end badly

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You've got to hand it to Farage. He knows how to live rent free in the heads of those who dislike him.

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You've got to hand it to Farage. He knows how to live rent free in the heads of those who dislike him.

I disagree with Farage on almost everything but quite like him in some ways. He was certainly the best debater in the debates before the Brexit vote. I used to listen to his LBC show now and again.

You must admit though, the man’s man image with a ciggie and a pint and the patriotic posturing is a bit cringeworthy. He does invite jokes.

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