As Amazon burns, Brazilian president tells rest of world not to interfere

By Anthony Boadle and Stephen Eisenhammer

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Notre Dame got millionaires digging deep into their pockets and global coverage.

The Earth's lungs are in jeopardy and people just shrug their shoulders.

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Brazil still needs to go a looong way in many aspects...

having this character as president also doesn,t help...

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If 20% of the world's oxygen is produced in the Amazon, will there come a point when the planet, perhaps through the UN, will have to invade some of these places. We're not there yet, but if you're slowly being choked to death, well, then you either take action yourself or die, right?

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I do not think people just shrug their shoulders. But it seems newspaper around the world are more focused on the local problem than this issue. Less commentsbait, I guess. It is something were you end up feeling so powerless. There is tread about it on Twitter, it seems (be careful the picture are messed up, possibly partly because the lack of current media coverage and pictures related).

Before thinking of invading, I guess countries should start producing their own oxygen, I know said like that it is strange. What I mean is that we are limited against anti-ecology creeps. So countries and their population conscious of the problem should aim at implanting as many measure as they can on their ground as long as kept pushing diplomatic talk and providing help when needed. That is kind of crazy or something like that, is like having someone taking benefit of destroying when someone else take the trouble of fixing which benefit also the one destroying. We share the house.

I hope something can be done to stop it. It seems Bolivia also need help. Colombia is doing is best and is offering help. T-T

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