Iran says U.S. to lift oil sanctions; U.S. says nothing agreed

By Parisa Hafezi and Humeyra Pamuk

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Then-U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned the deal in 2018 and reimposed harsh sanctions, prompting Tehran to start violating some of the nuclear limits in 2019 while sticking to its position that it had no nuclear weapons ambitions.

45 was a master statesman who clearly made the world a safer place.

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The thing is that while the Iranian POPULATION would be willing to see a deal where the US FINALLY started to actually meet its JCPOA obligations (it failed to do so under the Obama administration, Trump just ended the pretence) they will regard any deal that rewards the US with anything else for their bad behavior a betrayal, and indeed will be upset with a deal which binds Iran to ending their use of the snapback clause before the US hasn't just removed ALL the sanctions, but continued to do so long enough for the effects to have been seen by themselves.

See the University of Maryland's Centre for International and Security Studies public opinion poll of the actual views of the Iranian population to see why it is more than Raisi and the 'Supreme Leader' who the deal has to be palatable to (hint, look at the election schedules for all the bodies who have interlocking vetoes or the ability to end the political careers of Raisi and Khamenei too)

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The US shouldn't change anything. Just keep them talking for a few more years. After all, their faith in their leaders will provide all they require.

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Somebody who thinks that the folks who put America's fantasies in the mouths of the Iranian population feels that the US can just string out the negotiations over America rejoining the JCPOA without consequence. Of course, the reality is that at some point the ICJ will declare that Iran can seize American assets as restitution for the hundreds of millions (and growing) that the ICJ ruled is owed due to the illegal American sanctions, and the President elect of Iran's platform wasn't one of passive waiting or appeasing the US, but rather to do direct business with both the countries of the region and the world in ways that sidelines the US ability to steal more Iranian money.

Indeed, I won't be surprised if the Iranian Navy ships in the Atlantic Ocean are heading to Cuba and/or Venezuela to secure the international shipping lanes in the region against American piracy. Iran and Cuba are already partners in a vaccination effort that is going to thwart the plan for the US pharmaceutical giants to squeeze Africa and Latin America dry in their need to vaccinate their population against Covid, and the next step is almost certainly aimed at ending America's efforts to deprive the populations of Cuba and Venezuela of electricity and fuel unless they submit to American dictates.

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Let Iran's crazy kleptocrat government suffer. Like the DPRK, it is time to give them some seriously "tough love".

My Iranian co-worker is hoping that Biden's administration will not lift the sanctions. He knows his country, as well as his family... which is exactly why they stay here. They miss the rest of their family, and would like to visit, but going back is dangerous as they would be persecuted as "US SPIES".

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The world was a safer place under Trump. No reasonable argument otherwise.

U.S. President Joe Biden aims to restore the deal

You would think after 45 years in Washington he would have learned something.

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Trump spent four years sowing chaos, which definitively did not make the world safer.

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