Johnson risks party wrath to back aide who crossed UK during lockdown

By Costas Pitas and Elizabeth Piper

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It's looking like he made more than one visit and denied it. It's the failed attempt at the cover up that means he will have to go.

Good riddance. I don't think anyone likes him, even Tory loyalists.

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Cummings not only made more than one trip between London and Durham while having the virus, he also took his family to Barnard Castle for a nice day out on Easter Sunday. Johnson and the Cabinet making excuses for this person is sickening - saying he did it because he was a ‘caring parent’ and ‘loves his children’. Yes, like all those grieving for children and parents who died alone because of social distancing, or couldn’t attend their funerals just didn’t love them enough to do so. Johnson’s support of Cummings last night was revolting, so much so even Tories are turning against him and has even lost the Daily Mail; like Trump losing Fox News.

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Advisors usually fall on their swords for their political masters but here we have the opposite Johnson falling on his sword for an unworthy character.

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Shock horror surprise!?!

I was twelve, having read Animal Farm that I understood how the world worked....

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Johnson has never cared about integrity. This time his slipperiness has really pissed off people who were asked to sacrifice a hell of a lot.

All very unpleasant. All very Tory.

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Birds of a feather and all that. "Self-privileged hypocrites," as the former chief constable of Durham described the Tory government and Cummings.

I'd like to know why a libertarian eugenicist is advising the Prime Minister of Britain and exactly what Cummings was doing in Samsara, Russia for 3 years in the 1990s.

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Bozo sure didn't learn his lesson from his brush with the virus. Now he's backing this dum-dum.

Alfie NoakesToday 09:46 am JSTBirds of a feather and all that. "Self-privileged hypocrites,"

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Just when you think Trump and his cohorts are going to win the 2020 scumbag Olympics, the UK comes in with a strong challenge.

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Cummings is an agitator, I would go as far to contend/suggest a renegade subversive.

Special advisors, as Special advisors go, can and should be replaceable on a whim, or the stroke of a pen as the holder draws a line through their name.

No so for Cummings.

A hint of Cummings considerable influence, hold even, Rasputin like?... over Boris Johnson can be gleamed in sections Cummings foray into his insidious beliefs/philosophy on the subject of eugenics.

A subject I believe Johnson and Cumming hold similar views.

Some thoughts on education and political priorities…..D Cummings

Below…page 60 to 90…best be seated.

Whether Cummings broke coronavirus lock-down rules is a sideshow in comparison to Cumming perceptions/tenants into the meaning of “society”.

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Scotland, Wales and NI should leave the UK.

Blowjo is a 3D printed Trump, only different is he went to a toff University

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I wonder what has happened to Global leadership?

Advisors seem to be creeping out of every nock and cranny, from under every rock or stone.

An advisor for this, and advisor for that.  

Prime Minster want to spend a penny, hold that appendage, best consult a committee of advisors. Can’t be any old ablutions.

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The anger I’ve seen and heard coming from the UK is something I have not seen since the Poll Tax.

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The anger I’ve seen and heard coming from the UK is something I have not seen since the Poll Tax.

My friends in the UK are furious. So many people over there went above and beyond to stay inside and keep one another safe, at great financial and emotional cost, just like others all over the world. To see an unelected and apparently unaccountable advisor to the PM flaunt the rules like that, and for the government to imply that if you didn't break the rules you just don't love your families enough, is outrageous. Apparently even their friends who voted Tory at the last election are "fuming".

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As one of the most influential people in the country, Cummings was unable to find anybody in London willing and able to drop off groceries at the door while his family were quarantined? Says a lot for his personal popularity and/or organisational skills.

Supposing he and his wife became so ill they were unable to care for their 4-year-old; is the welfare system in the UK so dire that the kid would be left to fend for himself? How many 'common' families found themselves in that very situation?

It's a 5 hour drive from London to Durham. With a sick woman and an infant, add in stops for meals, toilet, petrol, etc., and you're looking at a good 6 or 7 hours on the road, taking the virus with you every inch of the way and potentially spreading it at every stop. Assuming that you don't break down or have an accident and need to call for assistance; then you have more people having to deal with a sick woman and an infected vehicle.

I do not see how Bozo can square this with the British people who have been stuck in their homes unable to see other family members who live just down the street. My brother has been unable to see his new grandchild, born during the lockdown; not even a quick look through a window. My nephew wasn't allowed to hold his wife's hand as she gave birth; he had to drop her off at the hospital door and go back home to wait.

And this unelected, unaccountable self-righteous privileged twerp is allowed to dictate one set of rules for the hoi polloi, and another set for himself? And his 'boss' backs him up?

I will be very, very surprised, and disappointed, if the British people allow this to be simply swept under the carpet.

Invalid CSRF

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Lying Johnson has bet the farm because the truth is that without egg-head running the show from behind he'll be unmasked as the bumbling Eaton batty boy that simply blagged his way to number ten. He hasn't a clue what he's doing.

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Cummings didn't, as the title puts it, "cross" the UK. If the word is used in any country in the world to describe journeys primarily in a northern or southern direction, which is extremely doubtful, it certainly isn't used in Britain.

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Cummings went up north to Durham. Then he went down south to London.

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