'Move on' - British PM tries to draw line under adviser row

By William James and Elizabeth Piper

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Britain on Wednesday to move on

Johnson: Look, people, Douglas Ross has resigned, isn't that enough?

There are quite a few countries, especially in but not limited to Europe, which have flown under the radar a bit where Covid-19 is concerned because of all the emphasis on the fiasco in the US. The UK is a prime case among those countries - its Government incompetence, foot-dragging, lack of direction and hypocrisy surely contributing to far more deaths than there needed to be.

I seriously hope that once the crisis dies down, and assuming there's no second wave, that there will be full and independent inquiries into how and why these governments failed their people. To be done properly it should be done in the way that so many are suggesting it should be done in China, i.e. by an objective third party, although I doubt that idea will get much traction.

If an inquiry was done properly, Johnson, his ministers and his ethics-free advisers like Dominic Cummings would be out of office on their flabby a*ses.

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Not going to happen Johnson. Even your own MPs are disgusted and see this as damaging their chances at the next General Election. The public are furious.

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Maybe he should use

"move around" rather than move on as that is what Cummings did.

I'd be surprised if he can wriggle out of this with some pifflepaffle.

People are very angry

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"Palpably false "

Lying Johnson is a disgrace

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PM Bozo can't hide or run or deny this is with only one acceptable outcome.

Going forward, more people will be less willing to follow his government guidelines over events like social distancing.

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