On Iraq visit, Pence reassures Kurds and discusses protests with prime minister

By Jeff Mason

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Hmmm...Looks like Pence is making sure to act very presidential these days...I love the press shots...He always has this furrowed brow and piercing gaze while probably saying absolutely nothing of substance. We all know the 8" between his ears is a vast desert of emptiness.

Flush twice today folks...It’s a long way to the kitchens of Mara Lago!

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to reassure Iraqi Kurds of U.S. support after President Donald Trump's decision 

How can any nation be 'reassured' of US support with Trump in office. Nothing he says can be believed; he's a pathological liar. And he's shown repeatedly he's not afraid to flip-flop on any 'decision' he's made.

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Pence: Geez, every witness called the past two weeks confirming the shakedown, Sondland diming me, Mick, Mikey, and Mr Whoops out as being in the loop, Nunes caught trying to do a separate shakedown, Pompeo now linked with Crazy Rudy to fire Yovanovich, Donnie having a stroke or heart attack and melting down on Fox & Friends....I need to get out of town quick....

Karen honey, I'll be gone for a couple weeks - you know that appointment you had to go over to the White House to start measuring drapes....better cancel it....

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Bet the Kurds will take anything said by the US with a Very big pinch of salt after being abandoned in Syria to the Turks (who are supposed to be US allies?)

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The Kurds will never trust America again. The kind of hatred they must feel at the US for abandoning them and basically giving away their land to Syria, will last generations.

It’s the kind of hatred that allows terrorism to persist, as people become more focused on retribution than their own lives.

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Pence lacks a spine as well as moral fiber, no one believes anything he says.

Scurrying around outside the US is probably the safest bet for him!

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U.S. Central Command orders 500 military personnel to RESUME fight against ISIS in eastern Syria - a year after Trump shocked allies by withdrawing most of his troops from the country

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