OPEC, Russia move closer to cutting oil output

By Olesya Astakhova and Shadia Nasralla

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Like Russia, most OPEC states are run by authoritarian regimes.

Alternatives to burning so much oil and gas (and coal) need greater support from all nations, especially those dependent on oil and gas exporting nations.

If not, these authoritarian states will take even greater control.

If not, expect to breathe more polluted air and expect climate change related problems to increase. Also expect more wars over control of oil and gas and their shipment.

Worrying that Trump's US is making the problems even worse by subsidizing America's oil, gas and coal industries, by doing nothing to support alternatives to burning so much oil and gas, by reducing air pollution control requirements, by appeasing Russia, Saudi Arabia and other oil and gas producers, among other tactics that keep the US stuck in the past and prevent progress (a dirty word to Trump and his aging GOP enablers).

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I thought the U.S produced a surplus of oil now, as in, vying for the worlds largest producer so why are they so keen to get the prices down? Surely domestically the fact they produce their own is extremely beneficial and for export, slightly higher prices are better. Don't really understand the U.S position on this.

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Cheap prices for oil allow cheap production costs which in turn mean lower cost products but more CO2 means stronger typhoons....

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