Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela

By Steve Holland and Lesley Wroughton

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US & Russia in Venezuela.

US & Russia in Syria.

US & Russia in Golan Heights.

Among other places around the globe.

The common denominator is oil and gas.

Millions of lives at risk as the .01%ers in the US and Russia - and elsewhere around the globe - fight for greater control of oil and gas.

No more wars fought for greater control of oil and gas.

Trump continues to back oil corporations (has he shown his current tax info to see if he's invested there?) and ignore alternative energies. Russia only cares about selling more oil, gas and coal.

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I am not comfortable with the idea of Trump leading the US in ANY kind of confrontation with Russia in the western hemisphere.

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Its not all about fuel.

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There's only one solution to this crisis. Book a honeymoon suite for Trump and Putin at one of Washington D.C.'s swankiest hotels.

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No more wars fought for greater control of oil and gas.

Gas and oil? No interest. We burn rice straw in our home for heat and cooking.

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This smells to high heaven like a Trump/Putin disinformation scheme....

Trump: Vlad, we need to show that I'm tough on you, even though you have records of all my oligarch loans and other Russian business interests - let's concoct something...

Putin: Leave it to me - i got you elected didn't I? I'll send a couple planeloads of soldiers down for a vacation - and you can "act tough" - but we'll know it's all for show...

Trump: Thanks - my supporters will buy it lock, stock and barrel...they're so easy to manipulate...

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A guy who swims in ice waters, wrestles bears, ex kgb vs. a hamburger eating, wife cheating, overweight, maybe racist white guy...I would like to see them in the octagon and get it all over. Pity I don't believe in gambling.

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Oh, the irony. Take both Russia and the US out of Venezuela and the other countries they meddle in.

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USAid isn't military.

Russia sent military and if they are invited by Venezuela, which is likely, I really don't see the issue.

Having Russian blood on the ground in Vz prevents Trump from being stupid, just like having 50 Americans in Poland does.

If they are engineers, perhaps they can help get the electric grid back up, solid?

And if they are oil workers, perhaps they can help upgrade the out-of-date machinery to get some of the dark crude out.

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Hypersonic weapons mean that the Americans can do JS to influence the Russians-Trump is whistling in the dark!

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There are more in dispute than oil. Latin America has suffered decades under dictatorships that forced socialism/communism economic politics to the market. No wonder, that despite being a rich continent in termos of natural resources, it's poor and underdeveloped. What is the the point of keeping it this way? A huge market of almost a billion people kept in ignorance and poverty, exactly like Maduro is doing right now? USA wants Latin America to be rich and a partner - Latin Americans do want to buy from USA. American brands sell like hot cake, even with low consumer spending power and high import tariffs. China and Russia see this potential as well, and they want to block the rightwing wave that has reached Latin America last decade.

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Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela

What! But I thought Trump was Putin's bitch!

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Sending troops to help a legitimate administration (Maduro)  is something wrong? But recognizing a self proclaimed "State Leader" (Guaido)  is all right? How absurds!?

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Nothing's legitimate about the 2018 Venezuelan Presidential election.

Once Maduro sidelined the 2016 legitimately democratically elected Congress won by the opposition overwhelmingly by a super-majority, and instead made up his own Congress, Maduro stopped following the Venezuelan Constitution.

The Venezuelan Constitution is no longer in effect, and he ran the 2018 Presidential election under that faux constitution that he made up. Therefore, it's invalid.

A properly-followed Venezuelan Constitution would had the 2018 Presidential election implemented with the democratically elected 2016 Congress overseeing the process.

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