Turkey says it will search Saudi consulate where journalist vanished

By Ece Toksabay and Daren Butler

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If the Saudis are innocent they have no problem. Simply provide the security camera footage from the embassy and also provide an explanation for the FIFTEEN man team that flew into Istanbul and flew out the same day. Who were they, who arranged the flight. where did they go that day and why did they visit for just one day?

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(Trump) Speaking at the White House, he said he did not have details about Khashoggi's disappearance

He did not have details? Too busy playing golf? Practicing his speech for the next beer hall rally? Looking after his investments? Tweeting?

Or just unwilling to take a stand where he might risk alienating Saudi and Turkey's despots.

Lately other despots like Xi and Putin have been alleged (no doubt their followers will say 'Can't prove it' and 'The 'west' is worse') to have also had members of their opposition disappeared.

I understand individuals have the right to choose the political system that governs them, but why so many these days opt for a totalitarian system like Saudi, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, North Korea etc. baffles.

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A Washington Post journalist and outspoken critic of MbS is abducted and probably killed... yet a curiously muted response from certain world leaders.

Saudi's top man does not like dissent. At all.

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The Saudis have been mollycoddled by the International community for long.

Their promote a hardline brand of Islam which is responsible for most of the Islamic terror around the world. Their treatment of Shias and acts in Yemen should count as war crimes.

I hope the civilized world shows some backbone this time and puts the Saudis under sanctions. Expecting Trump to do anything is futile, Saudis have too much money for him to make enemies out of.

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The two countries have such an obligation under both criminal law and international human rights law, she said.

Criminal law ok, but trying to tell Saudi and Turkey that they are obliged under "international human rights" law? A snowball would have a better chance in hell!

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Turkey itself has a dreadful record on human rights but is clearly one of the victims in this case.

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As if Turkey can claim anything. But this is very bad, I don't think we will know Khashoogi's fate, but it probably didn't end well for him.

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You can’t go searching embassies.

Article: "Saudi Arabia has dismissed as baseless accusations that it killed or abducted Khashoggi, and on Tuesday Turkey's state-owned Anadolu agency said Riyadh had invited Turkish experts and other officials to visit the consulate."

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Why doesn't Saudi have a video of him leaving? Everything's video recorded now

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I'm sure the US, UK, French and German Government won't be criticized and denounced the Saudi Government for the disappearance of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi and even if he was murdered at Saudi Embassy in Turkey.

According to the some information, his body may be already smuggling out of Turkey by private Jet. The only clue is whether journalist Jamal Khashoggi enter and exit from Embassy on CCTV record. If journalist Jamal Khashoggi did not exit from Embassy after he entered and then he was probably murdered in the Embassy and smuggling out on one of two private Jets by Saudi agents.

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You can’t go searching embassies. Imagine every time America commits collateral murders overseas, and the countries say they want to search their embassies?

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