UK faces new lockdown as COVID cases hit highest since May

By David Milliken

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And how many of these “confirmed cases” and deaths attributed to Covid are the result of a false positive.

The ratio of positive/negative on the PCR will change depending on the threshold set for the number of cycles.

A threshold over 40 will read positive on every single human, a threshold under 10 will basically always register negative.

Some labs are using 35 as the threshold, it’s way too high and causing a massive spike in false positives.

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The true rate of infection is likely to be higher. Britain's statistics agency said on Friday that around 6,000 people a day in England alone probably caught the disease during the week to Sept. 10, based on its random testing.

Just do it the Japanese random testing, set a really strict criteria, only test 20 thousand a day nationwide and voila, watch your number of cases plummet from thousands to hundreds a day. Then you can also beat your chest that you are successful in managing the spread and have a unique culture.

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The outbreak in Bolton is largely due to a selfish idiot who didn’t believe the virus was an issue. He came back from holiday in Spain, refused to quarantine as required and went on a two day pub crawl. Two days later he got symptoms.

Due to morons like him the Government is now bringing in fines up to £10,000 for those who refuse to quarantine. Employers can also be punished if they try and coerce staff quarantining to go to work, this has been a big problem.

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If the Brits can beat back Hitlers Blitz, they can beat this. Happy Anniversary all you jolly folks.

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