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Israeli security officials and rescuers carry the body of a victim who died during Lag Ba'Omer celebrations at Mt Meron in northern Israel, early Friday. Image: AP

Dozens crushed to death in crowd at Israeli religious festival

By Rami Amichay

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No social distancing? This could have been avoided.

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Lag B'Omer is supposed to be a day of celebration after a 33 day semi-mourning period traditionally observed after a plague wiped out Rabbi Akiva's students in the 1st century. And today Lag B'Omer (the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer) was the day the plague stopped. It's taught that the plague was punishment for the great Torah scholars of Rabbi Akiva not respecting each other when they had different viewpoints on teachings. The original cons vs libs.

Religious zealotry is deadly.

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1st century

2nd century

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Those who escaped this misfortune will take the coronavirus home to their families...ignorance

Israel is the most vaccinated country. If the vaccine works the way we all hope is does, COVID should not be an issue for this event. https://futurism.com/neoscope/most-vaccinated-country-on-earth-has-pretty-much-eradicated-covid

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Shabbat is at 18:27 in Japan today. Send a prayer to your fellow Jews in Israel.

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'Zichi: They are exempt from Military service in Israel. They are also the main political force. They do not accept any converts as Jews if they were not converted by an Orthodox Rabbi.

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And it was a festival in Israel, not an Israeli sanctioned festival.

The Mount Meron tomb is considered to be one of the holiest sites in the Jewish world and it is an annual pilgrimage site...for Ultra Orthodox Jews in general, not all Jews on this planet.

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Terrible thing happening during what should have been a happy celebration. I hope the list of victims don't grow in the following days.

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The practice of religion without the exercise of intelligence and prudence can be a deadly combo often leading to tragic consequences, as is evident on a much larger scale in the case of recent religious gatherings in India that have indubitably played a significant role in that country's corona meltdown.

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US Reamer.... any post pointing out the connection between religion and covid are being censored but you are quite correct. Israel, India, south Korea and UK Muslims have all had large clusters due to religious gatherings where the faithful have trusted their invisible friend to protect them.....

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Shabbat is at 18:27 in Japan today. Send a prayer to your fellow Jews in Israel.

I Will definitely do wise words.

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