EU struggles to bridge migration rift at tense summit

By Gabriela Baczynska, Noah Barkin and Richard Lough

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Who knew that Italy, Austria, and the Visegrad Group nations would someday save Europe? Keep giving the globalists hell, boys!

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Not Globalists, but Europists.

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Europe, regardless will go on, maybe they will compromise and only allow migrants who have been properly "processed" at external European centers - but one wonders how a Political Asylum seeker will seek Asylum from Europe whilst still within their own Country of persecution.

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Who knew that Italy, Austria, and the Visegrad Group nations would someday save Europe? Keep giving the globalists hell, boys!

By joining the Russian Federation? Be careful which 'global' faction you choose.

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No, they are not struggling any more, but reached an agreement.

Hope everything will be implemented and a success for everyone involved!

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These open borders globalists see migrants as DCUs: "debt-and-consumption units". That's neoliberalism, pure and simple.

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There is a much deeper lesson in this. The values of the liberal-left require that the West, particularly the U.S. and EU remains the global hegemons. If not, and China then becomes the global hegemon or, much more likely, the world fragments politically and there is no overall hegemon, then "Western" values will no longer be seen by the rest of the world as a global standard. Everyone will do whatever they want, which is likely to result in a world that is far less hospitable to those LGBT SJW types and their fellow travelers. This is a case where the liberal left types should be careful for what they wish for, because they might actually get it.

The ideal of tribe-less multi-culti societies where everyone lives in kumbaya with each other is a recent Western one. It is not the default for the rest of the world.

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Typical EU fudge.  Everyone says that their views prevailed and the problem not solved.  Time for Italexit and Hexit and Polexit.  As a trading bloc it works, all the rest is poison.

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@Civitas would have agreed if you didn't focus so much on twisted partisanship thinking. "Rightest conservative" ideology hasn't quite exactly been all that great either, and has shown it's full of issues too. I don't like mentality of open door excessive progressives, but I also don't like selfish fanatical nationalist "conservatives" that would rather see everyone who isn't doing well suffer (including citizens of their own country) instead of giving accurate thoughtful solutions to these problems.

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“They also agreed to tighten their external border and increase financing for Turkey, Morocco and other North African states to prevent migration to Europe.”

Sounds right, except for the financing. A country with no borders is NOT a country.

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Let's face it: refugees and migrants are just a fact. They exist and they are humans. We have to deal with that in a civilized way and at the same time consider the interests of our countries. Tricky. There is no black and white solution here and a (imaginary) wall will not be the solution anyway. And let's also face it: one major cause for the problems right now is a failed US policy in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa. We also have to take the blame and stand with our allies, not pi** them off on a daily basis.

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