More bombs hit Syria's Ghouta; death toll highest since 2013


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Few things are more evil than the deliberate targeting of hospitals during military conflicts. It's evil when the Israelis do it in Gaza. It's evil when the Saudis do it in Yemen. And it's evil when the Syrian government does it. Where the hell is the International Criminal Court? And if the International Criminal Court won't prosecute, the UN Security Council needs to set up a special tribunal like it did for war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia. Of course, the Russians will use their veto power to block such a proposal, which is another reason why the UN Security Council needs to be reformed.

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Meanwhile, pro-government forces are being shelled in Afrin by Turkey, whose planes can fly over Afrin only because Russia allows them

Pro-government forces are dying because of that decision

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The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

cant trust them.

the rebels are called opposition , but they have bombs, missiles, RPGs, chemicals, IEDs, heavy and light guns, forced conscription, etc. sounds a bit like Terrorists as they are attacking the govt and people.

i can’t take sides as I am not Syrian and had one of my most best travel experiences traveling all over Syria. Met many who didn’t like the govt. but to blow people up, be occupied by Turkey, Russia, USA, Iran, hezbolla, France and will that help political change?

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Yesterday about 250 civilians killed from bombing...Assad stop bombing and killing your own little children!

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