Taiwan president quits as party chair after local election setback

By Yimou Lee and Jess Macy Yu

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Let's take a moment to appreciate just how much more important money is than democracy to most governments. Taiwan is arguably the most democratic state in Asia, but has the fewest diplomatic ties because of China's money. The US is culpable of abandoning democracy for China's money as well.


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Chip StarToday  07:59 am JST

The US is culpable of abandoning democracy for China's money as well.

That is incorrect. Firstly, the U.S. "abandoned" Taiwan as you put it back in 1971, when China (PRC) had no money or any economic clout at all. The decision was based on the Nixon administration's fear of the USSR. Secondly, the U.S. only "partially abandoned" Taiwan as the US still provides arms and defense to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act.

"The Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty, formally Mutual Defense Treaty between the United States of America and the Republic of China, essentially prevented the People's Republic of China from taking over the island of Taiwan during 1955–1979. Some of its content was carried over to the Taiwan Relations Act."

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Kaohsiung is akin to a Taiwanese Osaka, with Taipei being Tokyo. It is industrial and rather rough but has great potential. The vote centered upon dissatisfaction with being ignored and had nothing to to with cross-straits ties. It's a good thing, I think - it'll keep the DPP on their toes.

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Quote: In the run-up to the elections, Tsai and her government said repeatedly that China was trying to sway voters with "political bullying" and "fake news", accusations that Beijing denied.

There may be more than a grain of truth in that.

And regarding "China-friendly Kuomintang..." just WOW!

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Taiwan will be fine. china is losing. china is not winning hearts or minds. china is the worst country on the planet. Everyone knows that.

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So is it China's meddling that caused this, or are the people dissatisfied with the DPP's performance? Either way, choosing one looks bad. Having a little bit of both as the reality looks worse.

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