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Trump says date, place set for N Korea summit

By Steve Holland and Roberta Rampton

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With the gun control controversy it ignores the facts that all the shooters are Democrats, liberals, or related to them. The same seems to be true of many vehicle related events. Perhaps the answer is to reject all Democrats and liberals from purchasing firearms.

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On a side note

about the topic

Trump, a former reality TV star who likes to build suspense about

It seems the deep conglomerate (MSM lackeys) are worried that their might actually peace be made.

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Glad to see you've joined the team on calling out skewed and opinion based news.

I'm not incorrectly using the term 'fake news' to call out something that is opinion based or that I don't like, I'm correctly using the term 'fake news' to call out something that is fake - ie, not true, not based in reality, not actually factual.

It may be possible the person is just ignorant though, and was wrong, but they are just repeating fake news that they read somewhere else, and didn't bother to fact-check.

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Trump, a former reality TV star who likes to build suspense about


This is true. This is part of the reason he got elected - he knows how to put a show on. It’s hardly an essential sentence, but it is his MO.

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After his Nobel peace prize...

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Can Kim Jong Un go anywhere without someone breaking UN sanctions by doing business with him?

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Kim Jong-un was in fact Little Rocket-man because all of his N. Korean propaganda posters have rocket missiles in the posters. Kim Jong-un was obsessed with ICBM and Nuclear bomb which he though the US will be recognized the N. Korea as nuclear-armed state. Kim Jong-un thinks he will be safe as long as he has nuclear arms and ICBM. We will witness what he tries to do at meeting the President Trump. The President Trump has a very strong team and he must avoid any insincerity in the meeting with President Trump. This is a last chance for Kim Jong-un and his family survived and diverting the US military attack on his N. Korean Government and military target.

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