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U.S. puts more pressure on Pakistan to help with Afghan war


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The Pakistan Army, which owns Pakistan, is our real enemy in Afghanistan. The Taliban, al Qaeda, Islamic State, Haqqani network, and other Islamic terrorist gangs are all PROXIES for the Pakistan Army.  

The Pakistan Army trains, equips and provides shelter for these proxies in Pakistan. That has included Osama bin Laden himself and the entire Quetta Shura. 

Trump is absolutely right on this one.

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Washington's relationship with Pakistan would depend on its help against terrorism.

And that the degree of 'help' will be determined by how many billions the US gives Pakistan's leaders this time.

The reality is Pakistan is fractured and highly factionalized. It's an Iraq/Nigeria type assemblage of competing groups, another dysfunctional state created by colonial powers. Religious groups, tribal groups, rival land (war) lords, among others, have long fought with whichever group's in charge in Islamabad. Contributions from both Saudi Arabia and Iran further complicate things throughout the country.

Buying off and appeasing current leadership just means alienating opposing factions, keeping the cycle going.

And the beat goes on.

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Loads of Pakistanis are Pashtun. Pakistanis hate Americans. So why would they take orders from Trump?

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Trump is a simple (and that's being generous) man who proposes simple ideas for complex problems. Like the NK problem would disappear if only China just did "something".  He is now saying the same thing about Pakistan.  But the Pakistani powers that be know it would be political suicide in the extreme to be seen to carry out the US wishes.  To do so would result in an internal breakdown of what is loosely called order in Pakistan.  A very likely outcome could be the military once again taking over or another long period of dictatorship.....oh, hang on a minute, Trump likes dictators doesn't he?

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Wait; the US are putting pressure on Pakistan over Afghanistan?

Why aren't they putting pressure on Saudi Arabia who support and aid the Taliban?


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Why aren't they putting pressure on Saudi Arabia who support and aid the Taliban?


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Saudi is also carrying out a proxy war against Iran in the Yemen. Millions are at risk from famine.

The "real enemy" is Trump's duplicitous mega rich pal; Saudi Arabia. Pakistan and Afghanistan are just minor players.

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another propaganda, another enemy is being created for the new president, the USA need enemy, for they have to sell weapons, through out the history, the US supported Dictators in Pakistan in order to fight the dirty war against the Russia, the US assembled thousands of terrorists around the world including Ben ladin and the current Talibaan, they were called Mujahideen then, the holy warriors, they destroyed Afghanistan and the whole region. again the American declared their former ally tablibaan as their enemy and started war, a war which is now aiming to occupy the resources and politics of the region and continuing the war industry in the US.

The forefather of the Tablibaan, the Suadi Arabia, who has the similar kind of Government like the Tablibaan had, now enjoy close relation with the Americans and the US president walking on the Red carpet with a Saudi Tyrant, how can the American go against the Saudi for they have the biggest deal of the weapon-selling -deal with them. and more importantly they are already stealing the Saudi oils.

The US, selling the most and the large numbers of weapons to the world including nuclear weapons, and the country having a large amount of nuclear weapons with a president, the commander in chief of the US army, who can be trusted by any means, the world is going to become a war zone, the US, the only country who used atomic bomb against the humanity. humanity is under the serious threat under this president.

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You want to build a wall so badly, build it to hold the stinking waste sewage that comes out of Pakistan on a regular basis to it's neighboring countries.

That and grab your nuts Mr President and put some boots down on the other side of that border like Obama did. Let Pakistan feign their ignorance all they want as we destroy the real terrorists.

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