Air strikes kill at least 35 in Yemen hotel


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A report by international aid agencies last week said Yemen suffered more air strikes in the first half of this year than in the whole of 2016, increasing the number of civilian deaths and forcing more people to flee their homes.

Saudi Arabia v Iran. The 'west' v Russia. Tribe v tribe. Another fight for control of resources and the nation's key geographic location.

Foreign nations leave Yemen alone.

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Bomb a suspect with a big big bomb is stupid. Of course civilians will die who never did anything wrong so basically it's murder

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While the Saudis are busily committing war crimes in Yemen, we're supplying them with billions of dollars of arms.

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The lack of proportion in the US and European and Asian press on the reporting of deaths like these (in the Middle East, not really people like "us") vs the reporting on the Barcelona or other "terrorist outrages" is striking.

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Not so much a war as a massacre!

I have yet to see any Yemeni led strikes killing civilians in Saudi Arabia.

Plenty the other way though..,,

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[U.S. officials have said they have tried to find ways to improve Saudi targeting. The Pentagon sent U.S. military lawyers to train Saudi counterparts on how to ensure the legality of air strikes, and software designed to help determine whether certain munitions might cause destruction beyond the target.]

So we trained the 15 Saudis of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 to fly into buildings as well or was it a lack of training that caused it!? And we are still doing billions worth of dealings with them, while accusing others like Iran and Qatar (Both of whom were not involved in 9/11) of terror attacks they have not commited.

And US and Russia bomb all the time and kill innocents by the truck load and we all just shrug our shoulders... How about we all just stop

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Saudi in Yemen, Saudi in Afghanistan. Number one in state sponsored terrorism, responsible for 9/11.

But still great, great ally of the US.

Something stinks here.

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You're forgetting the "very fine people" among the terrorists....

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I'm also forgetting the unspeakably vast sums of money that the US and Saudi Arabia are linked to!

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