Britain, France, Germany formally accuse Iran of breaking nuclear deal

By John Irish and Guy Faulconbridge

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The claim that because the UK, France, and Germany are not actively supporting the American violation of the JCPOA, Iran can't activate the clauses allowing it to suspend its compliance with the limitations until the terms that US agreed to, and the UK, France, and Germany guaranteed would be maintained.

It's like the cosigners to a loan claiming that they are not the ones failing to make the payments, only the primary is, and therefore they are entitled to the property.

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Wow. It's about time that Britain, France and Germany stood up for themselves over the disastrous JCPoA. Iran has been on the road to build nuclear weapons since before the Obama/Biden/Kerry deal gave Iran the green light to build up the devices needed to eventually produce nuclear weapons. The best way to prevent a nuclear armed Iran is by reimposing U.N. sanctions.

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"We know exactly what is happening with the Iranian nuclear program. Iran thinks it can achieve nuclear weapons. I reiterate: Israel will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said.

... but we must all allow Israel to have nuclear weapons; and rather than sanctions, we'll give them billions in aid every year.

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There is no creditable evidence of Iran having or planning a nuclear weapons program. Zero!

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Of course Iran is no longer following the deal - the US has abandoned the deal

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Actually, Iran is still following the deal, because it specifically included the mechanism for Iran to reduce its compliance with the limitations set for it, if the US and the UK, France, and Germany did not comply with the goals set for them.

And the US 'withdrawal' and subsequent acts in direct defiance of the deal, and the EU3 failure to thwart, or at least offset, those acts are blatantly obvious, as is Iran's patience in waiting well beyond a reasonable time before it started to gradually, with advance notice and clear deadlines for the EU3 to at least make an honest effort, activate the rollback mechanism.

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