Colonial Pipeline begins restart as southeast U.S. scrambles for fuel

By Stephanie Kelly

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For most people, this was a non-event. The news showed long lines, people filling up gas tanks, filling stations running out of fuel. TV News needs sensational stories to get viewers. I don't doubt those places exist, somewhere.

That isn't what I saw locally when driving to the grocery store. Perhaps I missed the panic or it didn't really happen everywhere? The lawn crews are all out again today around here. They were not for the last few days, which was nice.

If fuel supplies were impacted for 10 days - THAT would be bad for many people. Food delivery would be impacted. I vaguely remember the fuel shortages in the early 1970s, but don't remember our family having problems.

Since the pandemic, we've only needed to fill the car about once every 3-4 months and I happened to fill up about 10 days ago (first time in 2021), so we were fine until at least July.

The computers cracked were billing computers, not the control computers.

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BTW, just saw this job posting ....

Cyber Security Manager At Colonial Pipeline

I seriously hope they aren't trying to hire 1 person at that level. That certainly isn't sufficiently high in management to be effective. They need a CISO - at the same level as CIO/CTO, VP-Operations to have an effective Cyber Security effort.

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Read crazy story of someone filling plastic bags with gas. That isn’t going to end well.

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