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EU tells Johnson to stop playing 'stupid' Brexit blame game

By Guy Faulconbridge, Elizabeth Piper and John Chalmers

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Johnson is a toad. That plan to blame it all on Merkel backfired spectacularly yesterday. He's a dead man walking.

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A separate Downing Street source told Reuters that unless the European Union compromises and does a Brexit deal shortly, then the United Kingdom will leave without a deal.

Why exactly? Did Europe cause the problem? Is being Europe irrational and self-destructive? Or would that be Britain...

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The UK got into this mess by itself, and couldn't agree with itself for 3 years. I think the blame is well established.

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Starting to think that morons do outnumber decent ppl in the uk today. So much crap coming from leavers & what i call 'reluctant & opportunist remainers' i.e. ppl who can't stand europe & euros but now know/accept they'll be worse-off outside of the EU (hence the change of heart).

Nothing wrong with wanting to leave the EU but crap like this "we didnt win 2 ww to be pushed around by a kraut' https://twitter.com/LeaveEUOfficial/status/1181515644954714114

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Johnson is attempting a scorched earth policy so that when he asks for an extension - as he must be law - it will be rejected.

A disaster of the UK's own making.

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It's become a circus , with all the clowns under one roof, Westminster. Time to go to the people both for a second referendum and a choice of who to lead the country, one ballot paper two questions, leave or remain, conservative or labour. The UK is heading into chaos with Johnson, Brexit will cause the pound to tank, unemployment will rocket, a recession, and a possibility of a return to the Irish troubles. Being a main contributor to the EU, the UK had a better chance of staying in and fighting, but with Narage representing the UK and Cameron as PM , the UK caved. So now, the people of the UK and all those from the EU that have made the UK their home face an uncertainty not seen since the second world war.

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minello7, never forget the UK's Liberal Party.

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Banksy's painting of the UK Parliament being full of Chimps pretty much sums it up.

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What was wrong with Europe that Britain wanted to leave?

Most British people love the Europeans people-to-people but they will surely agree that the bloated EU bureaucracy was fat and leaking cash for far too long, and whatever the result is, this crisis will be a serious wake-up call to those in Brussels.

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