Macron says aid to blast-stricken Lebanon won't go to 'corrupt hands'

By Samia Nakhoul and Ellen Francis

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Macron says aid to blast-stricken Lebanon won't go to 'corrupt hands'

If money is given, money will end up in someone’s hand who is corrupt. Can’t see how this passes the laugh test.

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And how will it be accounted for Macron?

This country is full of cartels and within a short time,they will find a channel.

The NGO's etc will only help to some extent but these cartels always find a way.

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Cronyism, corruption, and incompetence in government never ends well. The people of Lebanon are pissed!

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Ammonium nitrate is just a fertilizer and can not explode without a fuel added. Video proofs now showinga missile going in to the building. There are several videos that when viewed in infrared clearly show the missile. From the pictures it is known what type of missile and who it belongs to. Videos have all been removed from You tube but fortunately have been archived on other sites.

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I would be more concerned with Hezbollah taking aid materials by force of arms. The French better have some crack troops right behind whomever is distributing the aid. Right now Hezbollah is the primary reason Lebanon cannot reform. They will never submit to democratic governance or any kind of power sharing with the rest of the country.

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