No signs of trauma found on body of Robert F Kennedy's granddaughter

By Dan Whitcomb and Matthew Lavietes

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The Kennedy's curse continues..

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I'm not a big Kennedy Family fan, but this is not a story about Ted Kennedy or JFK. Maybe we can take a moment to neither worship nor vilify this young woman based purely on her last name. Maybe we can take a minute to see her as human and an individual. She struggled with the disease of depression - something which millions of Americans struggle with. Her story is published because she is a Kennedy, true, but her story could be the story of so many people who have struggled with this disease. As more facts come out this may turn out to be another example of how difficult it is to win a battle with depression - even with wealth and power on your side there is no quick fix or simple panacea for depression yet, just as there is no cure for some forms of cancer. (And, by the way, self-medicating with drugs is one way some people attempt to cope with depression, so those issues are not mutually exclusive, but are rather deeply connected.) I hope one day there might be a cure or better treatment for depression, but until then let's support those suffering from depression the way we support those suffering from cancer...whether they are a Kennedy or not.

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