Saudi Arabia says it will retaliate against any sanctions over Khashoggi case

By Andrew Torchia and Arshad Mohammed

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The US needs Saudi Arabia's help to fight Islamic extremists, just ask a conservative.

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They have the audio of his killing! There's nothing to investigate here! The evidence is clear!

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Told ya, the Saudis will get away with it.

If Iran did the exact same thing, missiles would be armed and ready.


As usual.

Hypocrisy by the Deep State, not Trump, correct?

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They have the audio of his killing! There's nothing to investigate here! The evidence is clear!

That's a mighty large jump to a conclusion given nobody outside of Turkish intelligence has heard the audio.

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It's quite simple. If he is alive it is easy to prove. Yet they have failed to do so.

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Hypocrisy by the Deep State, not Trump, correct?

Lol trump's only thinking of the trump towers Saudi edition. And if there was a deep state, wouldn't that negate the need for any democratic norm seeing as the outcome is already decided?

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Good on the Canadians for calling it a few weeks ago. Quite telling how NONE of the western nations came to Canada's defense regarding the Canada Saudi spat a few weeks ago, but now everyone found their voice??

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"If they lured this man into that consulate, they went medieval on him, and he was killed and he was chopped up and they sent a death crew down there to kill him and do all of this, that would be an outrage," Florida Senator Marco Rubio told CNN's State of the Union.

LOL “... they went medieval on him...” He’s not a US citizen, so I don’t see why this even an issue for the US to deal with.

Trump won’t do anything as it would be stupid to sacrifice US relationships with SA over some random dead reporter. I mean, we currently have realtionship with the most evil government on earth, china.

Get real.

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

Fact... he went into the consulate, fact he didn't come out ...well not in in one piece. 15 man hit squad flew in, flew out with slightly more Carry on baggage then when they arrived. A recording of the incident. He was a reporter who reported on a physocpath and was delt with. Putin, Xi set these patterns of behaviour. its a frightening turn of events when reporting the truth ends up with being put in several zip lock bags.

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A "diplomatic solution," eh? Sure - just invite negotiators to meet at your consulate. I bet no one would show.

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Our (Canada's) spat with Saudi Arabia started with a tweet on Aug 2nd denouncing human rights abuse. No one came to our defence. Really get to know who our friends are

SA is in a fighting mood lately so no surprises either. Wish the democracies of the world were more interested in their democracies not cashola

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get / got, thanks autocorrect :'(

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Even if Kashoggi's not a US citizen, he is a permanent resident and is protected by the laws of the US Constitution.

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This has to be one of the most disturbing things that I've heard of in a long time. Journalists are always in danger in a lot of places but this kind of behaviour is just sickening.

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A huge example needs to be made of Saudi Arabia here. If they get off with no punishment, then other despotic nations around the world will feel free to start torturing and cutting up their citizens into pieces in their embassies and consulates around the world. This crime is quite unprecedented and we will all regret it if SA gets off free

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The US needs Saudi Arabia's help to fight Islamic extremists, just ask a conservative.

Ask a Democrat too, they will both tell you the same thing.

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Are they threatening us?

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SuperLib, their actions are akin to terrorism. All they can do to retaliate is to cut oil production, but that would take them down as well. So they do have a card to play, but it is suicidal.

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Turkey needs Saudi Arabia's help in Syria (Syrian Turkmen are Sunni, like other anti-government factions). In contrast, Saudi won't be affected by Turkey as much (ex: there's really no action Turkey could do to hurt Saudi economy). So we already know Turkey won't go too far

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Yes, it’s a treat and both parties responsible for it, we have for too long been dependent on Mideast oil pure and simple, the GOP are responsible in trying to appease the Saudi government with a large arms deal in exchange for helping them contain and destroy ISIS and Al Qaida, the Democrats get the blame for being so obessive about green energy and the lack of knowledge to understand that it takes years to wean ourselves off mid East oil and in the process, we have become so dependent on the Saudi‘s info on oriole that we have to lay in bed with them and as a result we are now having this unhealthy relationship that we essentially are highly dependent on. Now that we have been pushing for more energy dependence, we can very soon wean ourselves from Mideast oil once and for all.

But most of the Saudi dignitaries and I assume this possible hit squad all have diplomatic immunity, so there’s not that much that you can really do, even when these people come to the US they carry guns with them and you can’t stop them. Now the interesting twist to all this is there might actually be a recording of what might have happened. I believe that the president should do something, but as to how far he can go get this, this is a tricky one and I really don’t know what’s going to happen in the long run with he takes decisive action or not.

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This is what happens when you have an immoral “fake” president with massive financial conflicts of interest with unsavory Kings and Oligarchs throughout the world.

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I'm sure Trump will bring up the 9/11 hijackers when he talks to King of Saudi Arabia

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This is what happens when you have an immoral “fake” president with massive financial conflicts of interest with unsavory Kings and Oligarchs throughout the world.

Yeah as if the last administration didn’t have financial conflicts with Iran, come on! As I said before, the US needs to become energy efficient and less dependent on the Mideast and the left needs to step aside and let us tap into our own reserves and at the same time come up with better alternative fuel sources, you can do both unless you want to maintain the US, Mideast status quo. This is not a Republican ONLY issue, both parties are to blame for the country being in this mess.

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So the recording of his death/murder was said to be done with an Apple Watch. SA said that it's not possible for a US Apple Watch to be able to upload a recording to the cloud while in Turkey. While there "appears" to be some truth to that, because of roaming limitations and coverage issues, there two more possibilities. If Turkey hacked his watch or supplied him with that watch, its 100% possible to record what happened before the watch was destroyed by the Saudi team.

Now Turkey is kind of caught between a rock and a hard place, not really wanting to say exactly how they managed to get the recording from the smart watch.

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This is not going to end well...

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