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British lawmakers instruct May to demand EU reopen Brexit deal; EU says 'No'

By Kylie MacLellan, William James and Elizabeth Piper

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Hold another referendum already (and NOT during student holidays). Place ads showing how the Brexiteers were conned.

Painful to see the UK going through this.

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For brexitirs, EU was benifiting from Britain but now it seems other way around. Britain begging EU to retain the benifits.

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Its hard to decide whose doing worse, the UK or the USA?

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give Northern Ireland back to Ireland, problem solved. Get out of Europe. good luck finding low paid european staff. i wouldn't stay in a London hotel or eat in a restaurant after all the foreigners are kicked out. if they are still open.

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The cross party Westminster Parliamentary establishment never countenanced/accepted UK electorate ever contemplating withdrawal from the European Union let alone voting for it.

Dennis Skinner the veteran left winger joined May Government through the division lobby against Yvette Cooper's amendment.

At one point Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn had to consult Keir Starmer his shadow secretary of state for exiting the European Union midway through an intervention to clarify his own party policy pertaining to singe market/customs union state aid rules.

Noticeably the demeanour or bearing of parliamentarians has not improved. Frankly appalling.

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However, Brussels has repeatedly said it does not want to reopen the treaty, which has been signed off by the other 27 EU leaders

The deadline is just in a couple of months - UK should realize 27 EU countries can't keep re-negotiating to sign-off

Those 27 EU countries just want to move on from the divorce that is UK's making

They don't want to get bogged down by what's happening in the UK - they have other things to do

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