Merkel wants very fast action against virus after record deaths

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By Andreas Rinke and Caroline Copley

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Posted to you in simple English:

What BILD says is about as credible as anything the SUN says in Britain.

Testing is down in Germany but fatalities are up, that's a fact. The first lockdown worked well, the second one (termed lockdown-zero by those who experienced it: Full taste, zero effect) not at all.

Vaccination is slowly rolling on, like a wave you can see from a distance yet produces but a tiny puddle around your feet.

I think those Anti-Vaxxers have laid the ground for the current behaviour.

"Why should I keep from keeping a distance when I feel fine?"

Another reason are the employers who insist on calling their employees in despite overcrowded commute.

Their excuse: When they work from home, we do not know whether they do their work or not.

Look, any company that uses this excuse should be monitored. They may have much more to hide.

Gemany has been quite generous helping some enterprises but not nearly enough.

As one of the few millions who are living a hermit's life since last March, I would appreciate if those 60% of the population who still think journeys and big gatherings are necessary for their wellbeing would kindly join me in my recluse.

It's only for a few more months... I know you can do it.


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