Arab states launch biggest assault of Yemen war with attack on main port

By Mohammed Ghobari and Mohamed Mokhashef

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Weapons makers and sellers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, among others, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran and others involved militarily in Yemen are the only ones profiting from this butchery.

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Weapons makers and sellers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, among others, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran and others involved militarily in Yemen are the only ones profiting from this butchery.


-The Emirates or the Saudis bombed a Cholera treatment center run by Doctors Without Borders on June 11.

-Last week the Saudis intentionally bombed facilities of the Norwegian Refugee Council in Sanaa last week.

*Western countries have quietly backed the Arab states diplomatically, while mostly avoiding direct public involvement in the conflict.*

And this is where the MIC mouthpiece, the corporate MSM, does its job.

U.S. planes are refueling the Saudi and UAE bombers. U.S. intelligence is used in the targeting process. The U.S. supplies the bombs. Without U.S. air-to-air refueling there would be no air-support for the UAE fighters on the ground. They would be unable to launch their attack.

"The attack from the south includes 3,000 to 5,000 troops under the command of Tariq Sale, a cousin of the recently killed former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh. They have been equipped with trucks and new weapons by the UAE. More forces are on their way from Aden and Taiz. They are supported by Emirati artillery, tanks and Saudi aerial bombing. The Saudi coalition forces are commanded by former officers from Australia, the U.S. and UK who have been hired by the UAE"

The liberation of the port is the start of the fall of the Houthi militia and will secure marine shipping in the Bab al-Mandab strait and cut off the hands of Iran, which has long drowned Yemen in weapons that shed precious Yemeni blood," Yemen's Arab-backed government-in-exile said in a statement.

They always say this but can never never prove any serious assistance from Iran. But it works great for propaganda purposes.

"Claims of Iran’s influence over the Houthis have been overblown. While the Houthis do receive some support from Iran, it is mostly political, with minimal financial and military assistance. However, since the Houthis took control of Sanaa, the group has increasingly been portrayed as “Iran-backed” or “Shia,” often suggesting a sectarian relationship with the Islamic Republic. Yet until after the 2011 upheavals, the term “Shia” was not used in the Yemeni public to refer to any Yemeni groups or individuals. The Houthis do not follow the Twelver Shia tradition predominant in Iran, but adhere to the Zaidiya, which in practice is closer to Sunni Islam, and had expressed no solidarity with other Shia communities."

The Sunni Muslim Arab states see the Houthi rise as expansionism by their Shi'ite foe Iran.

See above comment.

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Tragic what is happening to the people in Yemen, Saudi are the largest buyer of America weapons which in turn is the world's largest exporter of arms with over $50 billion per year. The American's are backing the Saudi and the British are giving lip service. Starving Yemeni's need food aid every single day and an attack on the main port will interrupt the flow of aid.

The fight of the Sunni and the Shia. Arab fighting Arab as it is in Syria, Iraq, and also in Afghanistan, Pakistan Muslim fighting Muslim.

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Jared Kushner boys in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi brought to Yemen death and destruction. Let us use math and see the difference between military and peaceful means. With the help of the US, Ibn Salman of Saudi Arabia and Ibn Zayed of UAE launched their war against Yemen/Houthis about 3 years ago. They committed war crimes. Results of the war so far: Over 5000 Yemeni civilians were killed. 1000s more were/are wounded. 100s of 1000s of Yemenis are inflicted with Cholera. Millions of Yemenis are hungry and suffer malnutrition. Millions of Yemenis were displaced. Historic sites and towns and cities were destroyed or damaged. The initial estimate to rebuild Yemen is more than $50 billion. What price did the Saudis and UAE pay so far? Their image is tarnished. 100s of their soldiers were killed. Many civilian Saudis who live close to the Yemeni border were killed. War equipment worth $billions were destroyed. The war cost Saudi Arabia and UAE around $20 billion. The total cost of the war for all sides--human and material-- is beyond calculation. Yemenis would have been in the "pockets" of Kushner's boys had they spent a fraction of the cost of that war on economic development in Yemen.

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