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Brexit back in crisis as EU warns UK not to tinker with pact

By Guy Faulconbridge, Elizabeth Piper and William James

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Bozo, you pushed this deal so bad and now the hour is near. You made the bed, you lie in it.

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It is remarkable, the EU, Council. Commission, 27 member states, never saw this coming.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, his team of skilled negotiators blindsided?

Johnson, Gove and Cummings are not and never will be straight down the line predicable.

Know and respect your adversary…..

It is all right in front of you   

Dominic Cummings's Blog……Jan 2020


Without a deal, about $900 billion annual trade between Britain and the EU could be thrown into uncertainty, including rules on everything from car parts and medicines to fruit and data.

I posted an EU 2018 outcome, all there in black and white, minus the economic effects of the on-going pandemic.

If Johnson, Gove and Cummings, systemically disassemble the Withdrawal Agreement, there would be nothing to show, zero for over 3 years of huffing and puffing.

The UK Government will, could turn the GFA on its head and politically leverage, to refuse to implement any border/customs posts.

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I think both sides by now know what's at stake...The US and UK clearly want to see a less influential and smaller EU, but the EU is trying very hard to defy the inevitable. My guess is after the UK's problematic leave, both the EU and UK will enter into a serious economic crisis. It is highly likely that the UK's economy will be helped out by the US but the EU member countries such as Spain, Italy and France will continue to have recession and depression despite Germany's best efforts. To prevent this from happening Germany, France, Italy, Greece are working very hard on an energy project relating to the Mediterranean gas reserves. However, since these countries have specifically excluded Turkey from such an energy project in a rather hostile way and instead chose to co-operate with countries such as Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE, it is not clear how and when such a project will be realised and how long this will take to benefit the union...Of course there is another challange that has been eating the EU from inside i.e. the rise of far right. In the light of such challenges can the EU afford to loose the UK from the North-west and Turkey from the South-east indefinitely? I suppose the EU has made things very hard for its members by not negotiating with the UK and Turkey on fair terms.

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The economic crisis is already upon all 28, yes UK is still in a transitionary flux with EU 27……

Structure of government debt….EU Member states… Data extracted in June 2020


Public sector finance….UK ...July 2020


The numbers are beyond historic compassion.

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The EU barks and has no bite!

The UK has an import surplus with the EU.

Bring on Brexit under WTO rules-end this farce that allows headless chickens to rule the roost!

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Yet another show of UK arrogance from the buffoons who hoodwinked the British public into this whole Brexit thing. Look at the slump of the British pound since the vote took place and the decline of British shares around the Globe to see whether this is a good thing for Britain, its already cost anyone with investments in the UK an unrecoverable amount. As another poster commented, these guys have made their bed and now will lie in it. (I'm a British expat watching the slow but steady decline of my homeland with horror)

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The Withdrawal Agreement was created by Johnson, was the centrepiece of his election campaign, and was voted through parliament by him, and now he's saying it's bad and makes no sense?

The right all over the world have been given everything they want and they're all trying to find someone to blame for it.

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What an unholy mess it all is, both Brexit and the EU project itself.

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Boris Johnson's Government must not renege on the signed Withdrawal Agreement, its chapters either Citizens Rights or the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union stipulates clear protocols under International Law, sign a Treaty ,live with it, own it.  

It is as simple as that.

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Reminds me of that quote, "Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off". We'll soon see who is cut off.

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Another master-stroke by PM Cummings.

Welch on the deal and make the Brexit boneheads think it is all the EUs fault - all because they have not a clue what they are doing.

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It is remarkable, the EU, Council. Commission, 27 member states, never saw this coming.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, his team of skilled negotiators blindsided?

Oh boy. I think you missed the point. Everyone felt there was always a strong chance for a no-deal Brexit. What nobody saw coming was the British abrogating the agreement they have already signed and committed their nation to regarding the customs process in Northern Ireland which would effectively abrogate the Good Friday Agreement. Did you not understand that when you read the article? It seems pretty clear, and not at all what you implied.

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Scotland may want independence, maybe even want it badly now, thinking it is their only way to remain connected to the EU but they have to consider that Spain will likely block any attempt by an independent Scotland to join the EU in order to deter the Catalonian independence movement. Bojo might think he is being clever in satisfying his party faithful by unilaterally changing the terms of the agreement he signed with the EU regarding citizenship and the Irish border however that may be seen as abrogating the Good Friday Agreement and re-ignite "The Troubles". With UK out of the EU, the Brits may find the EU lining up against them by supporting the Irish reunification effort and possibly with more than just words. UK or whatever is left of it might find itself faced with harsh retaliatory tariffs effectively cutting it off from trade with the EU and overseas Brits might find the welcome mat pulled out from under them, upsetting their nice cozy warm lifestyles in places like Spain and Greece. Back to ol Blighty for you!

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EU diplomats were aghast, cautioning that such a step, leaked on the eve of new talks in London, would tarnish Britain's global prestige and heighten chances of a tumultuous final disentangling from the bloc on Dec 31.

Ha ha haaa...Britain's global prestige ;D -Since when the EU and UK ever stick to the internationals agreements they have signed up to? The EU and UK do not abide by the Sino-British Joint Declaration, London, Ankara and Zurich Agreements; they do not stick to the Nuclear Deal they signed with Iran either...Yeah tell me about global prestige...

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I believe the headline is self-explanatory, Desert Tortoise, I will get back to you on whether I missed the point or not.

In the meantime, please read the Belfast Agreement (GFA)…..

Please take your time.

First peruse, The Good Friday Agreement and today, pay particular attention to the Political Institution three strands.


Now the Belfast Agreement,

Policy paper, The Belfast Agreement.


Desert Tortoise, future custom procedure for Northern Ireland are not the point in question….

Customs procedures for moving goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland in a no-deal Brexit


Desert Tortoise, you are making assumptions, without fully understanding the difference between current negotiation of UK – EU future relationship and the common provisions of the:

The EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement…..


Desert Tortoise, if you take your time, I think the whole on-going process will become clearer for you.

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SneezySep. 8  10:53 am JST

The Withdrawal Agreement was created by Johnson, was the centrepiece of his election campaign, and was voted through parliament by him, and now he's saying it's bad and makes no sense?

The right all over the world have been given everything they want and they're all trying to find someone to blame for it.

He bullied and bellowed his way about it and caused a parliamentary shutdown. Now it's about to blow up in his face. I guess he didn't get his nickname 'Bozo' for nothing.

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Pacts cant be made piecemeal. Chamberlain made that mistake before the outbreak of the 2nd World War with Germany's Hitler.

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My view has been, that Germany is seeing itself as the Ruling Nation over Europe - this sort of clouds my view upon events, though I do look at what goes on pragmatically.. The European alliance has a lot of good things going for it, though its bogged down in red-tape and disagreements between Nations, so one has to question what, it can achieve.... without heading further into Self-destruction.

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