EU vows 'final push' in UK trade talks but fish rift threatens deal

By Gabriela Baczynska

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"The EU will not close its door to the UK, and remains ready to negotiate even beyond the 1st of January," said a third EU diplomat.

How many years does it take?

It is apparent that the EU is an inefficient institution that is self serving.

The UK won’t need to negotiate with the EU as a member after the end of the year, as it will have left!

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Around $900 million in annual trade is at risk if Britain, the world's sixth biggest economy, and the EU - a trading bloc of 450 million consumers - fail to craft a new accord.

No, not at all!

The UK will trade under WTO rules as many countries in the world do.

Business won’t stop but can continue.

To suggest otherwise is inaccurate...

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It's stupid for a trade deal to be stopped by fisheries, especially since Britain doesn't have the fleet to fish its waters.

But they are British waters, and any cut to the EU's access is certainly better than the 0% they'll have without a deal.

Could be good for the fish, I guess.

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The EU is negotiating wuth dud/empty hands. Wish the UK can see that. No deal is better than any deal, especially when you factor in the fact China has got the EU's balls firmly in a vice.

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Brexit and the EU were never designed for each other. They are polar opposites. Just look at the France and the UK border ban. Thousands of truck stuck in Dover. From Jan 1 with or without a deal there will be borders and customs needing paperwork and inspections for cargos.

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A week left. Britain is shaking.

EU is one big left hand, Britain was one of the fingers, well maybe a thumb. Now how will Britain become one big right hand with shaking knees and crumbling elbows.

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I reckon there will be a deal. The UK will capitulate on most of its demands, but if sensible, the EU will make some token concession that allows the UK press to spin the result as a victory or "sticking it to the French" or whatever the plebs want to hear. The UK press is overwhelmingly pro-hard Brexit.

I'm not a big fan of the EU, but I do like freedom of movement and trade deals. In or out doesn't bother me, but throwing both FoM and trade deals away strikes me as completely crazy and completely unnecessary.

Apparently the UK is paying $37 per dose of the Moderna vaccine, while the EU is paying $18. Brexit came with a promise of the UK negotiating better deals, but that certainly isn't one.

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I'm was voted down when I wrote a few rimes here that EU is desperate to get a deal. They cannot stop to talk.

They tested UK border closure now in the name of new virus. Isn't strange timing? They show what is going to be like when there is no deal.

Next they EU Commission called to reopen borders again. z lesson learned. Now let's get this f&@&g fish deal or drag the negotiations for another 5 years because we in EU need your fishes.

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