Iran says Natanz nuclear site hit by terrorism

By Parisa Hafezi

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How come nobody ever suspects Saudi involvement?

An Israeli General is giving big "hints" that it was an Israeli operation, so unless they were working with the Saudi's on this it was carried out by Israel alone.

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How come nobody ever suspects Saudi involvement? They certainly have the resources and the motive, including fighting a proxy war with Iran in Yemen. The Saudis are of the opinion the 2019 Abqaiq-Khurais attack originated from Iran and not from Yemen's Houthis. Revenge is a strong motivator yet nobody ever mentions the Saudis when Iran or its assets are attacked.

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TWO terrorist States at war, Iran and Israel.

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Should Iran show proof?

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Israel is setting a very dangerous precedent in attacking a Nuclear facility. Should there be a nuclear accident due to such terrorist actions it opens itself up to a future nuclear strike in retaliation and world wide condemnation.

Israeli stocks are already at an all time low thanks to Netanyahu and his treatment of the Palestinians and the continued blocking of a two state solution. They can not attack whoever they like in the region with impunity forever. Sooner or later Israel will pay a high price for their hostilities, it is becoming more inevitable with each attack they carry out. Israel does not get to determine how the whole middle east looks or acts.

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"Nuclear terrorism"? A seemingly new term from Iran that could have devastating implication. But what can Tehran do at the moment?

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Gd, I'm interested in why you don't think that the Israeli regime qualifies as one of the 'bad guys'? If repeatedly committing war crimes in the service of the Crime Against Humanity detailed in the ICSPCA doesn't put you on the 'bad' list, but, apparently, being a democracy that protects itself, helps its neighbors, and campaigns against WMDs, and those committing a crime against humanity does, you either have a compelling reason, or are seriously misinformed.

And it is worth noting that, as a site in Iran where enriched nuclear material is made, the facility is frequently inspected and repeatedly certified as a purely civilian operation by the teams from the IAEA.

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Israel is as much a state sponsor of terror as Iran. The US should cut Off Israel and keep that money to pay down the debt.

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Whoops, looks like the bad guys aren’t the only ones with an offensive cyber capability.

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When the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and the world's leading terrorist state and states that are significant sources of terrorists in your region all have declared their intent to do whatever they can to prevent you from having a domestic civilian technology base, it is pretty reasonable to complain about the need for action against terrorist attacks after an incident involving that technology base.

That the specific incident might turn out to not be the work of terrorists, that doesn't make the ones that were something that doesn't need international attention and action against the people behind them

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