New Australian PM pledges 'generational change' to heal ruling party

By Colin Packham

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Time to go cap in hand I think as well

Won't be getting access to the former PM's millions anymore

No more $1.75 million dollar donations.

Funding is a biggg and urgent problem for the Liberal party. Just as important is getting some cohesion back.

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Though it sounds positive being a centrist with the divisions in the party,it's going to take some hard yakka to pull the party into line. Pretty bishy tis Oz politics.

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4th PM in 10 years. The Aussie sure seem to be impatient.

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I used to like Scott Morrison. We know, Scott Morrison has been used for revenge Peter Dutton by Malcolm Turnbull. We have to wait and see how Scott Morrison will reorganize Liberal Party and his policy. Hopefully, he won’t listen to Turnbull’s advice

Current Coalition policy is former PM Tony Abbott's policy and his blue print for future Australia. Tony Abbott’s policy is good for Australia and its friends.

I have watched Malcolm Turnbull his farewell speech and he was boasting on TV about how his Government accomplished economy and immigration, infrastructure and free trade and so on. However, most of lift and right political commentators have commented about Malcolm Turnbull was he has achieved nothing on his own policy in the Office except Gay Marriage. He will back down if his colleagues didn't agree with his policy. Turnbull is only care about stay in the power as long as possible.

The Commentators talk about Turnbull was egoist, self centered, power monger and narcissistic and vengeful person.

Turnbull had leaked party room discussion to media to undermine his boss Prime Minister Tony Abbott and spreading rumors. Later, he confessed the reason for his party room coup was revenged to Tony Abbott. Abbott had defeated Turnbull for Liberal Party leadership in party room spill when they were in opposition 2009. Turnbull’s rating and Coalition rating was very bad at that time. The MPs asked him to change his center left policy but he refused to change. So Tony Abbott and other MPs challenged him for leadership. Tony Abbott had regrouped Liberal MPs and won election 90 seats to Labor 50 seats in 2013 Election. However, Tony Abbott was ousted by Malcolm Turnbull in September, 2015.

Now Coalition has only one seat advantage over Labor in lower house Malcolm Turnbull personality is very similar to Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Turnbull had promised after the 2013 Election win, there's no more party room coup in Liberal Party and he won’t be followed Labor Party style party room coup. However, he cannot control his jealous and hatred against former PM Tony Abbott and longing for the Office after Tony Abbott had successfully singed the free trade agreement with Japan, S. Korea and China. Tony Abbott is straightforward person and relationship between neighbor countries have improved and the economy was taking off again. Turnbull started leaking information to media and spreading rumor about affair between Prime Minister and his Chief of Staff Mrs. Peta Credlin. There's no affair and only rumor was spreading by Turnbull camp. Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t keep his promise to loyal PM Tony Abbott and no to Party room coup.  Malcolm Turnbull has been planning to oust PM Tony Abbott from the Office with the leader of faceless men James McGrath and Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne.

Malcolm Turnbull is ruthless, egoist, self centered, power monger and narcissistic personality with vengeful person. Also he was over confidence with his wealth and he thinks, everything is possible for him with his money. He used $ 1.7 million his own money for the election campaign in Liberal marginal seats and won election by just single seat at 2016 Election.

Malcolm Turnbull said late Crown Casino owner and media mogul Kerry Parker did threaten to kill me and I said to him: 'Well, you'd better make sure that your assassin gets me first because, if he misses, you better know I won't miss you.'

Turnbull did it his way by creating three ways challenge between Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop. His loyal and closed ally Scott Morrison has won but Peter Dutton camp was not happy. Only Malcolm Turnbull will know about whether he was trying to wreck party unity as his last attempt before he goes or just only it was payback for Peter Dutton for try to oust him from the Office.

No more $ 1.7 million donation for Liberal Party. However,  Turnbull and his wife Lucy will spend millions of dollars of Tax payer money on the office, Chauffeur drive Government car, Limousine, overseas and domestic travels on business class and staying on five stars Hotel in the future as retired Prime Minister’s entitlement.

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4th PM in 10 years. The Aussie sure seem to be impatient.

Fifth, actually.

Kevin Rudd (2007-10, 2013) Julia Gillard (2010-13) Tony Abbott (2013-15) Malcolm Turnbull (2015-18) and now Scott Morrison (2018-)

Aussies are even more impatient than you thought.

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