U..S. postmaster general suspends service cuts after mail-in ballots outcry

By David Shepardson

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U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Tuesday suspended all mail service changes until after the November election

The damage has already been done. And because he's a Trump appointee, I've no doubt he's Trump-like meaning not a single word he says can be believed. Trump's tyrannical regime continues destroying American 'heritage', remaking the country in Trump's own image, a nation for the rich country club set (the so-called 'elite') from his demographic.

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I'm sure all the social media posts with photos of recently removed mail boxes sitting in post office back lots, or images of mail boxes with red locks on their doors to prevent their use had absolutely nothing to do with the decision. DeJoy has his manhood dangling between the jaws a tightening vice with the handle being turned by Nancy Pelosi. It's a delicious image. Squeeze 'em hard until the mailboxes and sorting machines he ordered to be removed are back in place and running.

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Dejoy now realizes too late he's stepped into the Donald's doo-doo by doing his master's bidding and his own shady business dealings past and present will inevitably be closely scrutinized by Congress and others. He's going to rue the day he gave "a dime" and his time to Donald Trump.

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Oh, goody, we get to watch Banana Republican senators couch their softball questions with monologues in praise of Dear Leader.

Don’t worry DeJoy, the republican mob in the senate will shield your criminal activities. Just like they have been doing it for the puppet for years.

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trump’s errand boy chickening out!!!

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Return to sender!

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The President of the United States is doing more to stop you from voting than he is to stop you from getting COVID.

DeJoy Earned Millions From Company With Financial Ties to Postal Service

XPO, a $16 billion logistics and transportation company, assists the Postal Service during busy shipping periods, such as around the holidays, moving bulk shipments of packages from fulfillment centers and taking them to local Postal Service centers so mail carriers can deliver them to residences.

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U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi called DeJoy's announcement inadequate 

Everything Pelosi has been saying is pure political manure. Come on, man. Democrats want to mass mail ballots to neighborhoods in the hopes that millions of unsecure, fraudulent ballots will then be cast for democrats in the U.S. House races, U.S. Senate races, and for poor stroke victim Biden.

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