EU to agree Brexit delay but France pushes for conditions

By Richard Lough, Thomas Escritt and Gabriela Baczynska

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Come on... leave already.

They already had plenty of time but decided to waste time fighting themselves.

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In 1939 the English started a war to show solidarity with the Polish people and now a Pole is returning the favor: the English ought to erect a statue outside Parliament to the eminence grise of the EU, Donald Tusk, who will go down in history as the man who came to the aid of the UK and saved the English from themselves. Dziekuje bardzo !

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In 1939 the English started a war to show solidarity with the Polish people and now a Pole is returning the favor: 

History shows it was Germany which started WW2.

If a long delay is on the cards with limitations of UK power within the EU will make the situation far force then being in the EU.

The Brexiteers will have none of it.

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EU should give an extension with specific deadlines.

June 30: Last chance to ratify an EU deal. If there is no deal by this time then there will be no deal and after that the choice is binary-- remain or hard brexit.

July 31st last day to decide between stay as is or hard brexit. If UK can't make a binary decision then hard brexit is the default and cannot be changed.

August 31st. Whichever decision is implemented, regardless of if the UK makes any decision. If the UK makes no decision by July 31st then this will be the last day that the UK is part of the EU.

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The Lisbon Treaty, A50 states clearly the consequences........ given in oral evidence by Dr María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco, Senior Lecturer in EU Law and Politics, University of Deusto

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee.......

In my view, there is no legal basis in the current legal framework to defend an extension of the binding force of the treaties or the legal Acts hanging therefrom if the parties do not reach explicit agreement on it.

The underlying reason, to me—I am willing to discuss it with members of the Committee—is that Article 50 is the prevailing provision in the treaty. It prevails over the remaining provisions in the treaties—the provisions that provide for the binding force of the MFF, the annual framework and the competence of the European Court of Justice, because it is the lex specialis applicable to a withdrawal situation. If Article 50 orders the treaties to cease to apply, it means the whole of the treaties—everything. The underlying reason is that Article 50 was drafted by member states so as to allow for withdrawal, but to discourage it—to encourage negotiation leading to an agreement. The alternative will be the absolute void

Exit cleanly Friday 12th April without fear or favour. The UK can open out to over 350 global market places. There will be fundamental political and economic change, both are sorely needed.

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