Hong Kong protesters offer apologies; China doubles down after airport clash

By Marius Zaharia and Joyce Zhou

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Unfortunately, stupid ideas are more dangerous than stupid people, because they make them even more stupid.

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There is nothing stupid about wanting self-determination and local control over locally elected representatives. Lam has to go. Nobody in Hong Kong trusts her.

Violence and destruction of property is wrong. Seems the fringe protesters are finally getting that message - weeks too late.

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Their tactics have been brilliant so far, confounding the authorities. De-escalation at this point would be something the Chinese would not expect. Don't back down on demands, but cool the temperature. Clear the field for peaceful protesters. Get more crowds of tens of thousands. Fight again another day.

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"Sorry we were too reckless ... we are only afraid of losing your support to the whole movement due to our mistake, and that you give up on fighting."

The rioters acted like children throwing temper tantrums and realized they were going to lose their allowance, get spanked and grounded.

"We promise to reflect and to improve," protesters said in one message distributed on social media app Telegram.

Protesters vowed to press on.

Until the next time.....and figure out a better strategy and get help from Taiwan? After all, they have a common enemy.

Time the revolution when China is preoccupied with their other problem child Taiwan and have their hands full. Worked for the U.S.

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