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Leaders push Brexit trade talks beyond Sunday deadline

By Kate Abnett and Costas Pitas

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deja vu? Deadline, extend under May. Then deadline, extend. The EU can't be taken seriously, because they can't be voted out.

BOJO should man up and tell the EU, sorry but you missed the deadline, bye bye.

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It is not the EU that is the problem, Sh1mon. It is Britain. They want their cake and to eat it too. They want the privilages they had under the EU, but without the responsibility of being a member.

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@ArtistAtLarge - the privileges you referred to are offered to many other nations outside the EU, some many miles away, accross the Atlantic.

It would have been mutually beneficial to have deal, but the EU is not negotiating for benefits, they are simply trying to dissuade others from leaving, and to a smaller extent, desperately trying to please the controlling EU mafia: Germany and France.

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As Boris didn't live up to his promise to be dead-in-a-ditch, will he at least be oven-ready for Christmas?

Do the decent thing, and foxtrot oscar, old chap.

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EU is not negotiating for benefits

A bigly important lesson in life, boys and girls:

You can have your gâteau or you can eat it.

Don't blame the patissier that you can't do both.

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The UK had better get used to humble pie instead of French cake if it ends up being a No Deal Brexit.

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Briefing indicate that the EU commission is moving the negotiations towards the British position.

Brexit: Are chances of a trade deal rising again?


Laura Kuenssberg Political editor of BBC News….

Indeed, one diplomatic source suggested that the "ratchet clause" approach had been abandoned some time ago, and the political narratives on both sides have been running behind what's been happening in the negotiating room.


EU diplomats told Reuters if there was no time for parliamentary approval by the EU parliament, EU member states could endorse an agreement reached by negotiators to allow for “provisional application".

That’s the lead-in to a classic EU political fudge. “provisional application"…..Has a certain ring, as does the term ‘managing divergence’.

Summary: Trade after Brexit…..scroll down…..


The editor of Germany's biggest newspaper Bild, Alexander Von Schoenburg wrote a piece for the Daily Mail…..


Last year we exported €80billion (£73billion) of goods and services to the UK – which is the world’s biggest buyer of German cars, accounting for almost one in five of our motoring exports. Volkswagen alone sold 200,000 cars in Britain last year. You are also big buyers of German pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petroleum products.     

Mickelicious, do you seriously believe that the German Government is going to suggest UK Government, how did so elegantly put it, foxtrot Oscar?

Foxtrot Oscar? Isn’t that the angry Irish red mist getting the better of you?

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Or extend the transition, zichi, there is ways of politically dressing up, and presenting such an arrangement as a step back and a diplomatic strategic victory for tact and common sense,

Here's a thought continued assess for the EU fisheries fleet for a reduction in UK contributions.

The Covid 19 supply chain disruption, coupled with the threat of a third wave. As Allies, both the EU UK have agreed to disagree and to let commonsense prevail.

Kicking that can into the long grass.

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Mickelicious, do you seriously believe that the German Government is going to suggest UK Government, how did so elegantly put it, foxtrot Oscar?

How on Earth did you interpret that?

Isn’t that the angry Irish red mist getting the better of you?

Nice try. My chief emotion is concern for my many British friends, especially Ulster Unionists, who are being forced into the Irish reunification debate (if not quite imminent reality) a decade or so prematurely.

Let me repeat: the decent thing is for Boris to foxtrot oscar. Book deals, speaking tours and Tuscany await.

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Yes, parliament would need to vote, to ratify any "changes". The contribution element would be to UK continued access to the single market and vice versa.

This arrangement would not be politically defined as a extension to the transition agreement.

There is on one constant. Not a single deadline has been respected or kept, not one. Not in four years of negotiations.

'The only Brexit deadline that matters is December 31', That 17 days ish, in essence to forge a political solution.

The continued relationship governs nearly $1 trillion in annual trade.

Essential that this revenue stream for both parties remains unfettered throughout this pandemic.

One can view daily, media coverage being manipulated to print an evermore terrifying and bleak portrayal of utter dislocation.

'The only Brexit deadline that matters is December 31': Talks are set to go on until New Year and MPs could have to sit over Christmas as EU 'backs down on tariffs' - but Boris warns No Deal is still 'very likely'


What will this so called deal really amount too. A methodology to, in effect to extend the negotiations into the New year and beyond?

Mickelicious, I am being slippery, twisting interpretation, adding an implication to your opinion.

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This whole withdrawal agreement, future relationship, has been a charade, a political call my bluff, give us a clue political game show. 

UUP man, Mickelicious?


I have met Roy Beggs


My days, as a coffee making economic research assistant, Mr Beggs want not impressed with my coffee making skills. Mercifully I have moved on.

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The UK had better get used to humble pie

More like eating crow ....

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More like eating crow ....

Aren't they the same? The equally unpalatable humble pie was made of deer offal.

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Aren't they the same? The equally unpalatable humble pie was made of deer offal.

Interesting. I didn't know that. I thought like eating crow it was a metaphor for learning a little humility and not an actual pie.

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If only Bojo had half the intelligence of a typical crow..................

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 I didn't know that.

A common language that separates.

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