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Nearly 100 killed in ambulance blast in Afghan capital Kabul


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16 years and 2 Trillion dollars later. The only thing stupider than invading Afghanistan is staying there . Does anyone think they even know what we are doing there .

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@crazyj Does anyone think they even know what we are doing there .

No one in DC seems to know. And now Trump and the R's are ramping up US involvement there - and elsewhere. Bush and Obama failed, and now Trump's joining them.

Once again, only the big war industries gain; American taxpayers' moneys are being used to further enrich them. (Part of the uptick in the US economy?)

The cost to Afghanistanis in lives, health, anything you can think of is being totally disregarded.

The funding for hundreds of programs in the US is being limited so this madness can be continued.

Military madness is killing the country - again. (Apologies to CSNY)

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The multi-ethnic government of Afghanistan is there to protect the populace, even if they are struggling to get it right.

The Pashtun Taliban would like to control the government once more, but what are they good at? Killing, yes. Blackmail, yes. Violence and extortion? Yes. The opium trade? Yes. Oh, and did I mention mass slaughter, deliberately targeting ordinary people? Motto, 'Collateral Damage Good'.

No positives then? There is nothing worse than the Taliban? Well, the cancer of Daesh/IS trying to make inroads there, and the Taliban really do not like being upstaged in the grisly murder market.

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This whole conflict is about US defense contractors making more equipment sales and boosting US economy.

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@goodluck before USA illegally invaded Afganistan there was peace after years of 

The US was wrong in invading and continues to be wrong. (see my earlier post)

You're not intentionally ignoring Russia's invasion of Afghanistan are you? Or are you saying they were 'invited' (whatever that means.) No mention either of Russians supplying weapons these days.


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I agree. Same with the Palestinians, arm them to the level of the Israelis and let's see who's left standing. All that for fairy God fiction books.

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PS Pull out all non-Afghan troops supporting the Afghanistan government, and the picture stays exactly the same.

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A 1/4 of the world is Muslim (soon to reach a 1/3) so you would need to hit all countries on this ball of dirt.

You ready for that?

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Now ambulances would get attacked even carrying wounded Taliban fighters

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The Taliban, Haqqani terrorist networks among others are all created and managed by the Pakistani military/intelligence cabal and these operate with impunity in Afghanistan. Tillerson, Trump think know exactly what is happening and will respond, under what timeline though remains to be seen.

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before USA illegally invaded Afganistan there was peace after years of civil war. the taliban reached out to people, and opium production was banned. then along can john wayne, and even after 16 years it is a total mess.

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