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Bridge collapse kills at least 26 in Genoa

By Stefano Rellandini

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The money can go back and rebuild Africa 

Can any amount of money bring that continent in line with the other continents? About 60-70 years ago, South Korea & Singapore were poorer than most African countries. Both SK & SGP has progressed tremendously, since then.

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What a mess! this is a very sad day for Italy

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With 1 million immigrants coming from countries where the wage is 2 dollars a day, $50 a day each can rebuild the whole infrastructure in 2 years. The money can go back and rebuild Africa and the Middle East.

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Very sorry to hear this news. I lived 3 years in this city as a child. RIP

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Antonio Brencich, a University of Genoa professor specialising in reinforced concrete construction, said: "This bridge is usually characterised as a masterpiece of engineering, but in reality it is a failure of engineering."He did not say at the time that it was in danger of collapsing, but that it required continuous maintenance and would eventually have to be torn down and replaced.

Heads are going to roll over this.

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How awful. Thinking of the people in Genoa.

Lots of bridges in the US are hanging on to life, and need replaced. More of this will happen too here, as global warming makes storms stronger and longer, causing even more stress due to wind, rain, and erosion on structures. 

Goodness knows what happened, but it only illustrates the need to properly maintain infrastructure.

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Those unlucky people. Talk about being in the wrong place at wrong time.

Rest in peace.

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