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Uproar as Australian state bans greyhound racing


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Good, animal cruelty should never be allowed.

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They were given plenty of opportunities to fix their industry and failed to do so. I feel sorry for the few ppl involved in greyhound racing who genuinely love their dogs and have now lost their job/passion but this is the right decision.

Live baiting, mass graves, dogs being killed right at the end of their racing career once they no longer bring $, this had to stop.

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Nice comment, goldorak. As a whippet owner, I know the passion the sighthound breeds have for running, so I don't believe racing in itself is cruel. If only the people could have acted more intelligently....

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As with Goldorak, a pity for responsible owners who do take care of their dogs. I worked at dog tracks in the UK about 20 years ago and thankfully, I've heard conditions have improved since then.

It's sickening to hear of these dogs being slaughtered after finishing racing. I know people who've adopted retired racers. Greyhounds are a particularly wonderful breed which I hear make particularly wonderful companions.

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goldorak, agree completely.

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The Real problem was Baird lost his money on the dogs So to get back at the bookies he has banned dog racing. Next one to ban is horse racing, As the losers are fed to the dogs. So its a dog of a life all round. P.S. Bairds bad Kharmer has struck he slipped in his sox and fractured a vertebrae breaking off a very small piece. So the dogs got back at the banning of greyhound races. The horse racing is next on his a gender I wonder what will happen to him then , , any one know.?

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We have the uncivilised and cruel ambush of working people

I work. And this chup don't speak for me.

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