Uranium gives North Korea second way to make bombs


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Why didn't they start with uranium enrichment instead of the more difficult method of creating atomic weapons? It would have made sense. Oh wait, the whole country makes no sense.

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This is going to get very bad, very soon.

Considering North Korea was an enormous pain in everyone's ass with years of extortion via threats of creating nucclear weapons, just imagine how much bolder they will be in their blackmail with dozens of nukes under their belt.

China has to know this and they have to step up to the plate and rein in this insane state they've ostensibly propped up for the past four decades.

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LFRAgain: "China has to know this and they have to step up to the plate and rein in this insane state they've ostensibly propped up for the past four decades."

I agree a lot with what you say, and especially that the latter part SHOULD happen, but I'm not sure if it will immediately, and if so China has to be very politick about it. I think for one thing they're happy to sit on the fence for the time being and know that the world needs them to help. More importantly, though, I think it would be a dangerous gamble for China to suddenly pull the plug on any 'friendship' that exists with the North, because if the North is TRULY desperate and feels backed into a corner I do believe they would launch out with what they could. They'd be destroyed, and they know that, but such is the belief system of many cowards when they let themselves believe they have no choice. And that's what they're doing... they're literally letting themselves be pushed into a corner so THEY can say they 'have no choice'.

Anyway, China needs to get firm and press NK to let up, yes, but suddenly do a 180? I don't think that'll help.

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The following two facts are significant:

1) The aim of the six-party talks, which started six years ago, was to bring to the dismantling of the North-Korean nuclear plan in return for creating a constellation of mutual security, co-existence and multilateral cooperation between countries with different regimes. North Korea acted sincerely to fulfill this aim. America and the Asian regimes attached to America did not.

2) The U.N. Security Council abandoned the principles of equal justice and uniform criteria, in deciding about maritime siege and economic stifling of North Korea. No other country that possesses nuclear weapons (the list includes America, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan and another country) was ever punished for possessing or using them.

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2nd way? Israel has over 2oo...they need to work harder.

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What a bunch of barbarians.

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