U.S. orders more Iran sanctions


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If Trump loves sanctions so much, why was he so opposed to, and resisted, the sanctions on Russia?

And those were passed by Congress, they were LAW.

The carrot was working (nuclear agreement). Since it was done by President Obama, the sour grapes *resident has to take it away and replace it with the only negotiating tool he knows. A mean stick.

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Of course, there is a phone call tape somewhere with Donnie saying to the Mullahs; "I have to put these sanctions on, but I might re-consider IF YOU COULD DO US A FAVOR THOUGH"....

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About time!

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even as his administration faced persistent questions over its drone strike on an Iranian general...

We had the chance to take out the world's number one terrorist. It was carried out with precision.

... that helped ignite the latest crisis with the Islamic Republic.*

What ignited the latest crisis was all the crap Iran had been doing in the past days, months and years.

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Let's see;

Kim launched missiles, and called Trump a "Dotard"....

Trump called Kim "Little Rocket Man" and said he'll be met with "fire and fury, the like the world hasn't seen"....

Then they become lovers, exchange love letters, and see each other at three Summits...

Iran calls Trump "deranged"...

Trump says he'll attack and wipe put 52 military and cultural sites in Iran...

I guess that means he'll be meeting with the Mullahs soon and saying what lovely people they are...backslaps, hugs, etc....

And asking them if they have any dirt on Biden...

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Sanctions haven't put a dent into creating a new nuclear deal. Iran is increasing enrichment, not decreasing. Show me some results from Trump on this end.

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Serrano: We had the chance to take out the world's number one terrorist. It was carried out with precision.

His replacement is already in.

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