U.S., allies aim to force Russia to shift money away from war


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Even without the sanctions one has to wonder if Russia has the economic wherewithall to fight a prolonged war. The combat power of the Russian Army are what they call Battalion Combat Teams, or BCTs. Each has about 1000 troops. The Russian Army has 127 BCTs. That is the sum total of their trained and ready to fight combat power. Russian sent 120 BCTs into Ukraine. That is most of their army. How long can they sustain that? How long can those troops stay in combat without replacement? 7 BCTs not yet committed doesn't allow for much of a rotation to rest their forces. And can a nation that only builds 35-40 tanks per year build enough tanks to replace the kinds of losses they are experiencing at the hands of the Ukrainians? Russia has old tanks in storage but one has to wonder how useful they would be when their best modern tanks seem so easily destroyed considering the west seems perfectly willing to give the Ukrainians all the anti-tank missiles they can shoot? Germany is considering sending Ukraine tanks. Slovakia is looking to transfer a big self propelled artillery piece they make and have offered to repair Ukrainian tanks for them. Russia doesn't have a dozen or more allies willing to shovel military hardware their way to replace losses and fill capability gaps like Ukraine does.

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We're all paying the price for all those ineffective decisions, now more useless decisions

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Has any sanction on Russia imposed by US turned out to be what was expected?

Has anyone so far made any evaluation of the effectiveness of any myopic and meaningless sanction..?

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Right about now, the costs of the first 'sanctions' are hitting the citizens of the Imperium, and what better way to distract from that than another round of them.

The problem is that all the showy, drastic initial effect ones were in that first round, and soon all that will be available is the changing definitions and regulations that marked the last few years of Obama's sanction war on Iran, as he tried to keep the business community from doing end runs around them, and the investment community from seeing how little costs those sanctions actually imposed on investments and the actual Iranian economy.

The US has pulled out all the stops in the effort to make the coup against the last nationally elected government of Ukraine pay off, but all that Ukrainians are dying for, all their country was ripped apart and destroyed for was a few more months of Russia having to deal with the Imperium before turning its back and looking towards the future.

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